29 Surprising Facts About Celebrities

29 Surprising Facts About Celebrities

A celebrity is a person who is widely known and usually has some sort of talent or job that makes them famous. Celebrities are usually idolized by many people, and they often have a lot of money and power. Some people believe that celebrities are spoiled and that they don't deserve all the attention they get, but others believe that celebrities are just like normal people except with more talent or resources. There is no doubt that celebrities are a big part of society, and they often have a large influence on the way people think and behave. Whether you love them or hate them, it's hard to deny that celebrities are here to stay.

A well-known actor or musician popping up for a cameo role, or a famous athlete making a guest appearance as themselves, always adds an extra level of excitement. We love to watch celebrities in our favorite tv shows. It seems like they are just like us, but with a lot more money. In some cases, the celebrity is playing themselves in the show. Other times, they are a character that is scripted just for them. Either way, it is always fun to see them on our screens.

Tom Hanks is obsessed with typewriters. Like, really obsessed. Not only did he collect them, but he also wrote a book about typewriters. More on that and 28 other surprising facts about the lives of celebrities:

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