15 Celebrities Who Collect Surprising Objects

15 Celebrities Who Collect Surprising Objects

When you're rich enough to purchase anything money can buy, it seems like a weird switch turns on in your brain and you simply must purchase many of the weirdest things money can buy. Take these 15 celebrity collections for instance…

ROD STEWART COLLECTS MODEL TRAINS B The singer's home train set is bigger than a tennis court. When he's on tour, he's said to book a second hotel room for his model trains.

Source: BBC

KRISTIN CHENOWETH COLLECTS QUARTERS The actress stores jars of quarters, which she disinfects with Purell. She says it's a holdover from being a broke actress.

Source: Ellen

ANGELINA JOLIE COLLECTS KNIVES The actress collects antique knives from all over the world that she keeps locked in a special case.

TOM HANKS COLLECTS TYPEWRITERS The beloved actor even wrote a book about typewriters called Uncommon Type.

Source: NPR

GRANDMASTER FLASH COLLECTS MUGS The rapper keeps his collection of 5,000 souvenir mugs in a temperature-controlled room.

Source: BBC

JASON SEGEL COLLECTS MUPPETS Before his 2011 The Muppets movie, Segel said, I was the unemployed, 6' 4 weirdo who just has Muppet paraphernalia everywhere. CRACKED.COM

Source: ABC News

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