How do these people find the time to break world records? We can barely defend our heavyweight title belt and maintain our Las Vegas magic show residency.

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Mark Twain invented the modern bra strap. CRACKED COM He was trying to eradicate suspenders from the face of the earth, but instead, his patented attachable and removable garment straps became the bra straps we wear and/or burn today.

Zeppo Marx created an early FitBit. CRACKED.COM Perhaps the most underappreciated Marx brother, he left showbiz to become an engineer. He invented a wrist-worn heart monitor that would sound an alarm when the wearer was overexerting their heart.

Hedy Lamarr is responsible for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. CRACKED COM The 1930's Hollywood staple also worked on torpedo guidance systems during WWII. She helped patent the Frequency Hopping method, which was the precursor to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Oh, and also... kept torpedos out of enemy hands, or whatever...
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