15 Surprising Celebrity Achievements, Records, And Inventions

15 Surprising Celebrity Achievements, Records, And Inventions

Since man initially entertained his colleague villagers, we've idolized our celebrities of stage productions. Publications, magazine articles, and the Internet provide us with so much celebrity gossip as well as information that we assume we know just about everything there is learn about them. And there is often much more to a beautiful face or a tuneful tune than first meets the eye (or ear).

Can these individuals find time to break the national record? We're barely capable of defending our heavyweight title while keeping Las Vegas magic tv-series resident status with us.

It's not shocking to know that a music producer has been credited with inventing an instrument or a recording device to help them perform better or that a leading lady has been credited with inventing support pantyhose. Numerous celebrities, however, have had accomplishments outside of the entertainment world. Here are a few examples of famous people who either have patented innovations or accomplished feats that most people are unaware of.

Mark Twain invented the modern bra strap. CRACKED COM He was trying to eradicate suspenders from the face of the earth, but instead, his patented attachable and removable garment straps became the bra straps we wear and/or burn today.

Zeppo Marx created an early FitBit. CRACKED.COM Perhaps the most underappreciated Marx brother, he left showbiz to become an engineer. He invented a wrist-worn heart monitor that would sound an alarm when the wearer was overexerting their heart.

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