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5 Ways To Make New Friends

Making friends is only intimidating in your mind -- in action, it's as easy as boiling an egg or writing a radio-friendly late-90s rock song.


5 Self-Help Books That Got Very Popular Being Very Wrong

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The Tipping Point Of The Airline Industry (And How We Win)

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8 Hilariously WTF Times People Did Cosplay In The Real World

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‘Rules’ That Make No Sense, But Everyone Follows Anyway

We are a society of rules. Or, more accurately, we're a society of often dumb rules.


Why Feminism Could Use Some Serious Rebranding

I'm a feminist. I love what it stands for. I love its core values. But I'm not blind to its flaws.


14 Strange Assumptions People Make About Our Jobs

You know what they say about assuming: You shouldn't do it. And there's a butt involved in there somehow, also.


You May Be A Good Dude, But Here's Why You're Single

If you don't understand how your sweetness and good intentions could possibly scare anyone away, buckle up, because I'm about to give you some inside info on where you're going wrong.


How To Stay Focused At Work, A Curated List For Donald Trump

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22 Absolutely True Facts That Seem Like Garbage Nonsense

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10 Common Fashion Rules You Always Break (How Dare You)

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I’m A Victim Of Carpet-Bombing Online Harassment

Some folks just can't wait to find someone -- anyone -- to harass for no reason whatsoever.