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Awkward Situations Your Grandparents Never Had To Deal With

Quite frankly, we'd prefer to have to risk getting polio over being entered into another group chat.


5 Little-Known Ways You Suck At Owning A Car

A car is like a romantic partner: If you go too long without one, people think you're weird, but once you get one, it sucks up all your cash and will possibly murder you on a dirt road on a moonless August night.


23 Advertisements That Need To Die, Right Now

Hey advertisers, either get creative or get out of our television boxes.


4 Impending Panics From The Past (And What Came Of Them)

Once we've collectively overdosed on panic, we just move on like it never happened, never mentioning the problem again. But did it go away on its own? Did we solve it?


6 Surprising Things You Learn In The Alt-Right Media Bubble

The first step toward solving any problem is understanding it, so I spent a month digging into the alt-right bubble, and think it's time to get a few things straight.


5 Realities Of Reporting The News In A Brutal Dictatorship

'Luis' is a journalist in Venezuela, and he risked his life to bring you the stories of other journalists he knows who've risked their</i> lives reporting the truth in


6 Big Differences That Turn City Dwellers Into Liberals

If you aren't a liberal when you get to the big city, you might be before the year is up.


Realities Of Returning To Society After A Long Prison Stint

Imagine you woke up one day to find several years had gone by in a blink. That's pretty much the same situation inmates are in, and with stigma attached.


4 Ways A Normal American Day Is Absolutely Bonkers To Others

There are some things everyone seems to do that, if we stopped to ask some friends from a faraway land about, they'd think we're all absolutely nuts.


3 Products To Help You Hide Your Gross Internet Activity

If you've ever had a suspicion that your internet activity is vulnerable to hackers and spies, you're absolutely, 100 percent correct.


4 Public Safety Scares With Hilarious Punch Lines

There is such a thing as going too far in the name of security.


The Stupidity Of That Motivation Video People Keep Sharing

This video has over eight million views on Facebook, and gives precisely zero helpful advice.


5 Dumb Things You Will Do When You Buy A Professional Camera

Like the One Ring, a fancy camera can corrupt a soul, making its bearer capable of doing some stupid things.


12 Trump Cabinet Themed Valentines For Kids (You Hate)

Here are a few Valentine's day cards from the Trump administration to you, the American people. Now when they screw us, at least it'll feel romantic!