Tell Us Now: The Biggest Lies Kids Told About Their Summer Break

Sorry I didn't do my summer reading, I was kickin' it with Optimus Prime.
Tell Us Now: The Biggest Lies Kids Told About Their Summer Break

Most kids get to spend holidays with their families, but everyone needs to spend time with those they don't get to see as much outside of the school year. Sure, staying in touch as well as talking weekly throughout the summertime makes sense, but nobody can spend their whole vacation talking to their high school pals.

What is it about summer that turns every kid into a liar? Is it the heat? Delusion brought about by the sudden and dizzying freedom? Lies about what you did over the summer... Lies about the ax murderer who lurks in the woods near your tent... Summertime is apparently THE season for making up lies. Below are a few of the most bizarre summer lies that individuals remember from their childhood.

So keep on scrolling to get a load of some of the biggest whoppers, wildest fibs and outright LIES ever told by young dweebs and dweeb-ettes about epic summer vacations that just never quite happened…

TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES My name is... Eddie? Eddie Mercury. -GRACKED Mitchell s. says In second grade, a kid belted out Queen's Somebody to Love, then he informed us that his brother was Freddie Mercury. Two years later, at a semi-pro baseball game, We Will Rock You comes on, and I inform my dad that I know the lead singer's younger brother. I received the most disappointed look from my dad that day.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES Scout's honor! CRACKED Mitchell s. was told this classic BB gun safety propaganda story: A guy at Boy Scout camp shot a BB gun past the ricochet line and had one bounce off the target platform and go up his urethra.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES Good thinking. The paparazzi are all over Optimus Prime. CRACKED Brendan s. says In first grade I told everyone I hung out with an actual Transformer all summer. I think it was Jazz, cause Optimus Prime would've been a bit unbelievable.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES Good thing I'm a quadruple black belt in karate! CRACKED Jake B. says When I started 5th grade, my friend Jesse was sporting a ridiculous looking flat-top haircut that he obviously didn't like. He told me he got into an axe fight with someone and ducked his opponent's swing at the last second, resulting in his new unfortunate haircut.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES She REALLY hates campers who... stay up past curfew GRACKED Richard S' counselors told him this doozy: A medical student was locked in a dark room filled with cadavers for days. When she was finally released, she ran out of the room while eating a cadaver arm, blood oozing from the sides of her mouth. Her skin had turned white. Her fingernails grew into claws, and her red hair stood up from her head. She turned up at our camp and periodically ate some campers.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES Don't ask my mom, though. She doesn't like to talk about it. GRACKED Matthew P. says My now-friend, then-weird kid in 7th grade, told us he went to Chicago with his family over summer break, and was shot in the heart with a sniper rifle in an alley. To this day he defends it by saying 'I never said it was a sniper, I said it was a pistol.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES Seriously! My brother saw it happen on Pay-per-view! GRACKED Polgas says Ultimate Warrior died because he ruptured a vein while lifting Andre The Giant.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES Uh yeah, it's called the American dream CRACKED Mitch P. says When I was a kid, I heard this story about how, if you worked hard at school and got good grades, you could get a good job, buy a house and be set for life.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES Maybe if you'd gotten that 121st Power Star... OnlyFor CRACKED John s. says So many rumours about Luigi being in the original Super Mario 64. We never quite stopped believing...
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES One more day and you would've had 'em. GRACKED Victoria V. says The girls that lived next door told me Donny osmond was their cousin, and he was coming to visit them. For 3 days I played my 45 of One Bad Apple, hoping he'd hear and come outside to meet me.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES Someone upper-decked a Samsonite GRAGKED Noah U. says At the summer camp I attended, there was, reportedly, a teenage girl who took a deuce in a rival girl's luggage. Could never confirm it, despite my grandfather being the camp's maintenance man.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES TWINS, Basil! GRACKED Shauna M. says I was the liar. I was 10. Since I am really adopted, I told my friend that I had a long lost twin sister. I even pretended to be her. Shame on 10-year-old me!
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES Childish lie? Or a typical day at Action Park? CRACKED Adam M. says At the local water park, I was told of a kid who went down one slide too fast, hit the turn, and got launched into the neighboring slide. Now I know that is ridiculous, but at the time I was afraid of going too fast down the water slides.
TELL US NOW: SUMMERTIME LIES The price of friendship 41 15 12 / 12 11 GRACKED Mark s. says A kid told everyone that he owned every Transformer toy, and that on the last day of camp, he was going to give them out to his friends. Of course it wasn't true. In retrospect, it's very sad. That kid thought no one would be his friend without bribes.
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