The Definitive Oral History of ‘Titus’

The traditional sitcom never would have died without the early aughts Fox sitcom choking the life out of it with its brutal honesty and unadulterated laughs. Now, creator and star Christopher Titus, along with the rest of the show’s cast and crew, share how they found poetry and humor in his pain — pissing off network executives all along the way

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25 Times Celebs Found Out That The Truth Was Not the Best Policy

25 Times Celebs Found Out That The Truth Was Not the Best Policy

Many celebrities deceive their fans and fellows, and some of the silly stories are true whoppers.

As with any lie, even regular people caught in a lie on social networking sites get called out; hence it stands to reason that lies of famous people would be called out by millions of fans as well as trolls alike for their gaffes. Let's hope the stories of celebrity status stupidity in the following pages will serve as a good caution about the hazard of deception on social media to many people like us.

Celebrities are occasionally caught promoting purgative drinks advertised as wellness teas or pretending to live a life of luxury. Similarly, they're using an app to quickly and dirty photoshop a shin gap into their Instagram profiles.

It's almost as if being extremely attractive and charismatic increases the likelihood that people will believe your insane lies. Continue reading for examples of celebrities using their natural charm to pull the wool over the eyes of unsuspecting rubes like us.

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