15 Lies Actors Told (To Get Big Breaks)

Turns out, actors love lying.
15 Lies Actors Told (To Get Big Breaks)

The first big piece of advice whenever you move to Hollywood to become an actor is to “fake it until you make it.” This little bit can mean that “if things suck, have a good attitude until they unsuck.” However, the other definition is more helpful. It also means that if you are asked if you could do a certain task by a casting director, you always say yes. 

“Can you ride a horse?” Pfft, I go riding every weekend. “Can you do a cockney British accent?” Oi, yes, guvnor. “You can use a sniper rifle to kill a high profile politician with mob connections from 800 yards away, right?” Just say when.

These can definitely be gambles since if you get the job, you have to do the job. That's when you either have to rise to the occasion or be outed as a fraud. Here are a list of famous actors that took that gamble:

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