Conversations: they’re hard to hold and really are only good for making you sweaty and nervous. “You” in this case being “us.” Yeah, we admit, we are, quite frankly, total garbage at having conversations – so bad in fact that in high school we were voted “least likely to ever have in laws because who would ever want to try talking to them?” It’s a very specific category that we later found out was made just for us. Since then, we’ve tried and tried to up our success rate at conversing, and we have finally cracked (heh) the code: just say random, interesting nuggets of knowledge! Something to make the person go “hrm, that’s very interesting.” Here, we have a good one to start: when they needed a belch sound effect for Revenge of the Nerds, they took a camel’s orgasm and started with that. Here’s the full story, plus 12 others: 

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