We asked Cracked readers on Facebook what weird stuff they've seen on the road, and the answers ranged from overconfident Teslas to a straight-up Smaug sighting. Here are a few more people and places you'll definitely want to avoid: 

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS CRACKED Sara H. witnessed the very essence of luxury and class: A tiger in a cage in the back of a pickup truck.

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS GRACKED Maria S. knows firsthand that it's a bad idea to mess with a guy who drives a house for a living: In Bulgaria : a bus driver exiting the bus to have a fist fight with a driver that cut him off.

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS THE GRACKED Lisa K. witnessed a dude having a very this is fine moment: A guy sitting on top of his car while it was on fire.

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS CRACKED David C. lost a race against his own vehicle: Being passed by the rear wheel that fell off our car!

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS CRACKED Bartleby F. saw the coolest dude in Wisconsin: When I first moved to Milwaukee, there was a guy who had a motorized couch and he drove it from bar to bar. Truly wild.

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS GRACKED Christopher F. is reasonably certain he saw the aftermath of a Smaug attack: No, seriously, we were coming back from a business trip and on the side of the road MILES from anything was a semi. With 4 huge diagonal tears through the cab and the trailer. It looked like a dragon had tried to pick it up and dropped it in the middle of nowhere. To this day every few years I ask the people I was with if they remember it, just to make sure I didn't dream it!

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS CRACKED Julie S. had a fun celebrity sighting: 20 years ago, the vanity tag on a white Bronco : IMNOTOJ

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS GRACKED Jill S. expects aspiring jazz musicians to practice at work, apparently: During morning rush hour traffic: A person playing a trumpet with one hand and steering their car with the other!

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS RJEET GRACKED Tashia P. saw the little e-car that could: A Tesla (barely) pulling a ski boat.

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS GRACKED Heather B. stumbled upon this ingenious time-saving technique: Saw someone driving down the NJ Turnpike with one leg out the driver's side window to shave it.

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS CRACKED Macaco C. is the weirdo on the highway: Driving on the road with a bumper sticker on my car that says: 'I'm speeding because I have to poop!

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS CRACKED Ryan B. witnessed a top contender for the Darwin Awards honing their skills: Driving on 90 near Buffalo, a car with its hood flipped up covering the windshield. Driving a bit slowly swerving quite a bit, but just driving instead of pulling over.

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS P070219 GRACKED Carly L. gives credit where credit's due: Once saw a car that was literally covered with pictures and posters of aborted fetuses. The doors, windows, front and back bumper. Every inch except the windshield was covered in gory pics. Politics aside, the dude driving had commitment to his cause!

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS GRACKED Kathryn B. witnessed the miracle of flight: I saw a guy soar through the air and land face down on the pavement in front of me. He was being chased by the police and bailed out of his vehicle. I don't know how he got so much air to fly over nearly 3 lanes of highway but he did and survived.

TELL US NOW: HIGHWAY MADNESS GRACKED Gwen P. saw a guy either coming home from a really great night, or on the way to a really h*tty job: On the freeway at 6am, a guy in the passenger side of a van with his naked ass hanging out the window.

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