14 Of The Weirdest Stuff That Washed Ashore

If your novelty Garfield landline phone never arrived in the mail in the 1980s, I think I know where it went.
14 Of The Weirdest Stuff That Washed Ashore

From the talking llamas of Peru to the boiling lakes of Dominica, our planet is full of strange and wonderful sights. But beneath its surface, there are even more bizarre things going on. For example, did you know that there is a river in Turkey that runs red with iron oxide? Or that scientists have found bacteria that thrive in extremely hot environments? These are just a few examples of the many weird and wonderful things that can be found on Earth. So next time you're feeling down about life, just remember that there's a world out there full of weird and wonderful things, and you're part of it!


Mankind can't quit mucking up the Earth. From bath toys to cigarettes, to just like a BUNCH of body parts, the oceans are slowly rejecting all of our garbage and sending it back in a big, plastic middle finger. Whales are gross, too, so some of the blame goes to them as well.

VALUABLE WHALE PUKE CRACKED.COM One lucky 3rd grader picked up what he thought was a rock, but turned out to be a chunk of whale vomit worth $65,000. This natural excrement used by sperm whales as a digestive aid, called ambergris, is soft and foul smelling at first but hardens after years of floating in the ocean like a golden turd.

Source: BBC

28,000 RUBBER DUCKS CRACKED.COM Thousands of bath toys were dumped into the North Pacific when a cargo ship lost a container on its way from Hong Kong to the U.S. The rubber duckies plagued the waterways and currents took some of them all the way to Maine's shores. It's not all bad, however, as a patch of 2,000 ducks helped scientists identify current vortexes between Japan and Alaska.

Source: NPR

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