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How a Single Mr. T Movie Defined a Decade

Both the 80s and Mr. T reached their apex in a movie nobody's ever seen.


A Guide to Encountering Douchebags in the Wild [COMIC]

Life's ful of people one could describe as predators. Nature has developed many ways with which to handle these inviduals.



5 Reasons Immortality Would be Worse than Death

Immortality is grossly overrated.


What 23 Famous Characters Looked Like as Kids

Millions of dusty old yearbooks and family photo albums all confirm the same thing: we looked pretty dorky as kids. With that in mind, we asked readers to use the magic of image manipulation to show us what some of pop culture's most iconic characters looked like when they were children. The results were equal parts adorable and deeply disturbing.


10 Awesome Ways to Quit Your Job

Because sticking it to the man is apparently the flavor of last week, it's high time for us to leap for this bandwagon, miss it, then get dragged behind it screaming for a short distance. We've assembled a list of ways to quit for what our Web statistics tell us are the 10 most common occupations held by our readers.


The 7 Most Horrifying Museums on Earth

Remember ever being bored out of your skull because your parents dragged you to some stupid museum when you were a kid? Well, it could have been worse. Much worse.



A Guide to Creative Shoe Repair [COMIC]

Women will do anything for an excuse to shop. Men will do .. this.


Recruitment Posters for the Worst Jobs Ever

They generally don't advertise the good jobs on bulletin boards and subway posters.


Finding the Underground Dance Scene Hollywood Promised Me

Having conducted extensive research on \'the scene\' using Cracked\'s library of breakdancing VHS cassettes, I began searching all the usual places for illicit dance blowouts.



The 6 Greatest Things Accomplished by Dead Bodies

Here's a bunch of corpses that did like 10 times more than you did while you were alive.


14 Inevitable Scientific Breakthroughs the World Will Regret

The future of technology always finds some unexpected way to be terrifying. Our ancestors probably assumed lifelong protection from the chickenpox would come with a lot less arm stabbing.


5 Ridiculous Attempts at Crime Fighting (That Worked)

Apparently crime fighters are everywhere, and will drop everything they're doing to foil evildoers.