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7 Priceless Works of Art Ruined by Staggering Acts of Idiocy

Sometimes there's no good reason for losing valuable art. Sometimes you just have to chalk it up to blatant stupidity.


Pimped Out Versions of Everyday Items

Remember that show on MTV, where that rapper would travel around and fix people's shitty lives by putting TVs inside their car? Did we just dream that?


6 Iconic Jobs That Are Going Away Forever

It's hard to believe, but jobs that have been around since our birth are going the way of the buffalo.


6 Real World Da Vinci Codes That Aren't Full of Crap.

There are, apparently, some fairly weird encoded messages that actual academic types have identified in a ways that seem fairly plausible.


How to Wallow in Unbridled Hedonism [COMIC]

Hedonism vs unbridled hedonism is a surprisingly crucial distinction.



The 6 Most Creative Abuses of Loopholes

Now, we're not saying that cheaters win. We're just saying... well actually we are saying that. You just have to be really good at it.


6 Insane True Stories Too Awesome for a Chuck Norris Movie

Any loser can disarm a villain with a fist, machete or well-crafted joke. But it takes a real MacGyver to disarm an opponent with nothing but his wits, fast reflexes and a rabid puppy.


17 Counterproductive Public Service Announcements

It's pretty hard to do worse than the actual Service Announcements provided to the actual Public.


The Difficulties of Caring for a New (Kidnapped) Baby

I had to finish a groundbreaking piece for 'Women's Home Journal' entitled '7 Best Ways to Breastfeed!' I have unearthed four, (five assuming 'under some stairs' counts as an idea).


How to Fix Health Problems With Positive Thinking [COMIC]

Note: It's much easier when it's someone else's health problems.


The Logical Next Step In Literary Horror Mash-Ups

Even though it's a seemingly-lazy gimmick, plopping monsters into books that previously did not have monsters in them became quite the rage.


7 Great Foods (That Were Created Thanks to Dick Moves)

Actually, a lot of your favorite foods were created thanks to incompetence, laziness, or just plain simple douchebaggery.