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17 More Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped

Sometimes, the truth is stranger than Photoshop.



Oh Canada: Exploring America's Majestic, Pointless Neighbor

O Canada! Even your anthem begins with a sigh of pity. Over the past two weeks I have watched your Olympic athletes wave from podiums, winning medals in moguls and speed skating but never in attractiveness.


Unlikely Survival Guide: So you've been challenged to a duel

As it happens, this naked high speed approach into antebellum America interrupted the afternoon promenade of a southern gentleman and his teenage sister. Whether it was your manner of dress, or the string of profanities you uttered as you skidded to a halt ass-first on their finely manicured lawn, your presence has greatly disturbed them.


When You Give Money to an Honest Bum [COMIC]

Maybe the most misguided, yet shockingly honest, bum in bum history.




6 Disastrous Ways Pop Culture Influences The Real World

Next time your balls are being tased by the police, blame it on books.


6 Global Corporations Started by Their Founder's Shitty Luck

These are the global empires that only struck gold because fate forced them to at gunpoint.




A Day in America According to a (Baffled) Foreigner

When it comes to the road, Americans seem more like the protagonist from 'Memento,' rediscovering every few seconds that their car has a horn and thinking, 'Holy shit! What do I do about this? The world must be told!'


The 5 Creepiest Defense Attorney Websites

These websites, it turns out, are a goldmine of information about, for and written by desperate people.


The 6 Most Statistically Full of Shit Professions

People get paid a lot of money to be experts on things, so one would assume they're much more knowledgeable than the average Joe or at the very least, a blindfolded monkey throwing darts. Sadly, sometimes this just isn't true.