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5 Things Our Kids Won't Have In School

Thee basics haven't changed in generations, but some of the most iconic staples of school life are about to disappear forever.


23 Rejected Covers of Famous Books

There's an old policy about judging books by their covers, but we can't remember what it was on account of our policy towards memorizing stuff from books that don't have awesome dragons on the cover. We asked you to show us what it might have looked like if some of history's greatest books were designed with similar short-sightedness.


8 Inexcusable Behaviors on Public Transportation: Part 2

a gallery of less obvious, but still infuriating, public transportation transgressors.


6 Judges Who Went Completely Insane on the Bench

Judges are human beings, too, and when they get bored or angry, they become lunatics just like everyone else.


23 Creative Ways To Use Obsolete Technologies

New uses we'll come up with as more and more of the stuff around our house becomes useless junk.


So You're Accidentally Stalking Helen Mirren

The television has just aired a bulletin indicating that the police wish to question you regarding threats you've made to beloved actress Helen Mirren. What do you do?


The 6 Weirdest Jobs in China

There are some jobs bred from unique cultural conditions in certain countries. For example, only in America can you make a living selling trophies for champions of imaginary football leagues. And in China, it gets weirder than that ...


6 Military Units Whose Training Would Traumatize Rambo

The sergeant from Full Metal Jacket wouldn't even yell at these guys.


14 Scandalous Paparazzi Photos of Historical Figures

The photographing of noteworthy people when they don't want to be photographed is a giant industry these days, for some reason. But it's not always been like that. We asked our readers to take us back through history to show us some of the photographs that earlier generation deprived us of due to their debilitating insistence on having dignity.


5 Absurdly Expensive Pieces of Junk Food

There is an entire industry catering to rich people who still have minimum wage tastes. But obviously, these'll cost your gas money ... for a couple months (or years).