25 Awesome Ways to Break Bad News

25 Awesome Ways to Break Bad News

As one of the smooth experts in interpersonal communication that all Cracked readers are, you know the importance of tact.

There's no bigger test of tact than delivering bad news. Sometimes, well, you have to get creative. We asked you for some of the best (or worst) examples of how to deliver bad news, in Photoshop form, and offered $50 to the winner. The winner is below, but first, the runners-up:


by jerewhit


by PapaFrita


by tornster


by Sarcasticguy


by Spaztick


by Robotman


by Gibbo69


by Sparkus


by Senor_Taco


by Distractedone


by crabbyhermit


by Anal_Discharge


by Awesomerat


by jamin9306


by saintbargabar


by Florbing


by Lord Cownostril


by justintoxicated


by jekelish


by kindermae


by James Kent


by crabbyhermit


by Robotman


by iraleecantellia

And the winner is...

by staplegun

Congrats, staplegun. You win money.

Want in on this?

You'll have another chance. Your theme is:

Truly Tasteless Holiday Decorations.

This is the time of year when all the ligths and wreaths and (at least around here) inflatable Santas come out of the closet. Photoshop for us the most tasteless decorations possible. We don't care if they show up in the mall, at your home, the cubicle, your body, whatever. Show us your work in the forum and the winner will get $50.

If you'd like to see the entries from this week that didn't make it, see them here. Or check out 20 Bond Gadgets That Didn't Make The Cut. And for pictures too strange to make up, but not too strange to make fun of, check out The Daily Craption Contest.

Got an idea for a future Cracked photoshop contest? Let us know. ,

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