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4 'Superpowers' Everyone Thinks They Secretly Have

These mediocre powers may not be suitable for a superhero, but they're perfect for helping us achieve tiny selfish gains every single day, and ultimately, isn't that all we really want from a superpower anyway?


5 Cities That Will Be Wiped Off the Map by Natural Disasters

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4 'Victims' We Have to Stop Feeling Sorry For

Here are four 'victims' we see all the time who no longer deserve our sympathy.


6 Horrific Things Discovered in the Last Place You'd Expect

Sometimes you hear about people finding valuable paintings hidden inside old frames at a garage sale or pirate gold beneath a dusty old restaurant on the northern California coast. Other times you click on the news and see people who find human skeletons under their hotel mattresses and taxidermy cat heads in their Happy Meals.


The 5 Creepiest Ways Major Companies Are Watching You

The information age has been steadily providing technology that is allowing corporations to get to know their customers better than their own families.


5 Tips for Punching Writer's Block in the Face

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5 Amazing Stories of One Complaint Ruining It for Everyone

It turns out that sometimes a vocal minority can make a world of difference, even if that minority is exactly one person and his or her complaint is completely stupid.


22 Lies You've Probably Read Online (Revised for Accuracy)

The Internet is bullshit's natural habitat. We asked you to take some of the more popular lies the Internet loves to tell, and vandalize them with the truth.


The Thought Process of Every Bad Wedding Dancer

The bride, radiant. The cake, delicious. The bar, open. And have been very patient. But now it's time to light this mother funking Marriott conference hall on fire.


8 Filthy Foreign Phrases the English Language Needs

Here are eight of the bonkeriest idioms ever, along with some shrug-heavy speculation on how they came to pass.


5 Major News Stories That Forgot to Tell You the Best Part

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6 Ways to Not Suck at Stand-Up Comedy

Now that I have an official Cracked list of tips for not sucking on stage, I give you six mistakes to avoid in comedy: