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4 Words We Love to Use That Have Lost All Meaning

I'd like to request that we drag these words out this one last time, fill up the tub and hold them underwater until they stop moving. Or just quit using them, either one is fine, really.


5 Mind-Blowing Facts Nobody Told You About Guns

It turns out the mainstream media leaves out all of the most interesting parts. Trust us, the longer you look into this, the weirder it gets.


5 Real Prison Escapes That Shouldn't Have Been Possible

We admit it: We friggin' love prison escape stories.


The 5 Most Insane Moments in Indian Comic Books

1980s Indian comic books were the best. Sometimes the English translation was baffling, other times the plots were inscrutable, and -- if you were really lucky -- these twain did meet.


5 Insane Private Schools You Won't Believe Actually Exist

If you have the extra cash, you may want to send your kid to a fancy private school. Just, you know, do your research first.


4 Pros and Cons of Having a Personal Helper Monkey

In order to evaluate the awesomeness of a monkey helper, I did the only rational thing -- I acquired a helper monkey. Which is to say I sent an email and was told no, I cannot have a helper monkey because look how not disabled I am.


8 Cutting-Edge Fashions That Are Clearly Practical Jokes

Well, at least we have a bunch of pictures to laugh at.


The 5 Most WTF Things Found While Working on an Old House

Sometimes you find some neat stuff when you're working on a home. Other times, you find find unrelenting nightmares that will pursue you to your grave.


The 5 Worst Things You See While Working in Fast Food

If you've ever earned your keep by flipping burgers, you already know what kind of horrifying sights await anyone brave enough to venture into the greasy back room of a fast food restaurant.


5 Types of People Who Ruin Every Story

A good story requires more than just a talented tale-telling; it needs a good audience. And that's harder to find than you might think, because there are so many people who suck at hearing stories.


6 Ways Companies Are Secretly Screwing Job Applicants

Why in the hell is getting a job so hard? Partly because there are a whole lot of invisible barriers standing in your way.


4 Situations When You're Totally Supposed to Lie

We've carved out a few niche situations in life when not only do we find it acceptable to lie, we've pretty much all agreed it's expected and even better to lie, because the truth is just going to let everyone down.


What's Your Most Epic Drinking Story? I'll Go First ...

This is the Tale of the Exploding Chili Flight.