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5 Ways Growing Up in North Korea Is Crazier Than You Think

Beyond all the hilarious propaganda and somewhat less hilarious threats of nuclear war, North Korea is a nation of 25 million people living very weird, awful lives.


5 Terrible Movies That Would Make Great Musicals

It turns out there are a lot of B movies from the past that would make great musicals today.


5 Things I Learned Sneaking Over the U.S.-Mexico Border

My mother and I decided to sneak into the United States for a chance at a better life, a free education, and one of those sweet Springsteen headbands all people are issued the second they cross into U.S. territory.


The 19 Worst Craigslist Ads Possible

Craigslist is a pretty questionable hovel on the Internet, and for good reason.


6 Dumb Things You Won't Believe Have Championships (Part 2)

First one to finish reading this article wins my love. In the physical sense. For 10 solid minutes. No eye contact, though.


5 Social Networking Promotions That Backfired Spectacularly

The great thing about social media is that it allows whatever stupid thing you want to say to reach your audience instantly. The terrible thing about social media is that it allows whatever stupid thing you want to say to reach your audience instantly.


5 Tests Everyone Trusts (That Are Shockingly Inaccurate)

Some of these tests are about as trustworthy as an Econoline with tinted windows.


5 Ways to Give America the Birthday It Deserves Next Year

I have five plans that are all about taking things that aren't quite working about Fourth of July, and giving them that little burst of madness they need to really shine.


5 Horrifying Things Only Garbagemen Know About Your Town

Cracked wanted to know what life was like behind that stained plastic curtain, so we reached out to a pair of sanitation workers named Sarah and Andy who make their living hauling away your dirty old underwear.


5 Ways Every Family Gathering Goes Wrong

Families can be hard -- even functional ones.


4 Things You Can Only Learn by Surviving an Earthquake

In January 2010, John and his younger brother were two of thousands of foreigners in Haiti when a 7.0-magnitude earthquake had just struck the country, the strongest in over 200 years.


6 Creative Punishments That Could Eliminate Crime Forever

I's kind of surprising to learn that real-world criminals sometimes end up getting punishments that aren't your typical life sentence for murderers or a week in Miami Beach for Lohans.


So You're Now a Mech Warrior

This'll be the only how-to guide you'll ever need when it relates to fighting giant monsters.


5 Adventures I Had as a Cam Girl With a Niche in Sex Puppets

My name is Veronica Chaos, and I make my living performing hilariously horrifying sex acts with my dummy, Slappy, on the Internet.


21 Things Kids Suspect About the Adult World (Part 2)

We can all think about to times in our formative years where, when failing to understand something, we just made the answer up like the ancient Romans and their Pantheon.