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The 50 Most Awesome Things Ever Done by Americans

We've been collecting the stories of real Americans who did really awesome things -- at peace, at war, and while being Teddy Roosevelt.


7 Things I Learned as an Accomplice to Mass Murder

In August 2000, my mother's three best friends were arrested for the murders of five people. She was accused of providing the alibi. Looking back, this is what I learned.


The 6 Stupidest Designs Ever Used on Enormous Projects

We assume that people who build buildings know what they're doing, but that stuff isn't easy, and damn it, mistakes get made.


4 Childhood Embarrassments That Never Stop Being Shameful

The worst thing about a precious handful of these embarrassments is that you think they won't be a problem when you're older, when in fact it gets exponentially worse.


The 5 Least Helpful Ways People React to Tragedy

Pretty much the only thing everyone has in common during the grieving period is that they'll hear at least one of the following insipid expressions.


7 Awesome Buildings That Look Like They're Designed by Kids

It turns out plenty of professional folks are 12-year-olds magically trapped in grown-up bodies.


5 Shockingly Childish Abuses of Power by Hospital Employees

Hospitals kind of need to keep things professional, since a tiny mistake can mean death and a massive malpractice suit. Of course, not everyone got the memo.


5 Bizarre Subcultures Way Crazier Than Anything from Japan

These baffling cliques seem to be based on a peyote vision or some terrible mistranslation in the Bible.


4 Personal Questions People Seem to Think Are Small Talk

Here, presented with absolutely no judgment on what type of social skills a Cracked reader is likely to possess, are four of the worst examples of intrusive questions people ask without realizing it.


5 New Methods for Losing Weight You Won't Believe Are Legal

These all sound like bizarre torture methods you'd find in a sci-fi flick.


2 New X Games and Pop Culture Mashup Shirts

Everything can be taken to the extreme. EVERYTHING.


3 Ways 'Checking Your Privilege' Never Fixed Anything

If you really do care about building a better planet, then there are things about 'check your privilege' that aren't helping you reach your goal.


5 Harsh Truths You Learn as a Doctor in the Third World

The next time you get miffed at the wait time and the weird stains on the chairs in the free clinic, spare a passing thought for us Third World doctors.


7 Bizarre Music Experiments That Went Shockingly Wrong

This music could be the soundtrack to that dream you had where you fought a giant banana who spoke with your dad's voice.