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5 Things You Learn Staying Awake During a Near-Death Injury

If I had fallen on my back or head, I would have died instantly. If I had fallen while front-flipping and playing air guitar, I would have died awesomely.


The 20 Most Terrifying Ways Anyone Ever Got High

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5 Animals that Survived Shit that Would Kill a Terminator

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The 6 Most Obvious Lies People Got Famous Telling the Media

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6 Realities of Buying Drugs (While Wearing a Wire)

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4 Great Educational Videos for Never Sleeping Ever Again

We live and we learn, but sometimes someone needs to splurge for a tripod and shoot a short educational film that we can learn from as we reconsider that whole 'living' part.


5 Logical Fallacies That Make Humans Terrible at Democracy

The entire human race sucks at democracy. And we can't even help it.


6 Human Beings Who Just Invented New Forms of Sucking

Every now and again, you encounter individuals who display such transcendent jerkitude that you almost have to admire their commitment to being terrible. Almost.


5 Terrifying Truths of Working with the Criminally Insane

We spoke to a source who worked direct care in a Florida maximum security forensic mental hospital for almost a decade, and learned that maybe we should have an alternate criminal defense planned.


The World's Fastest Growing Industry (is a Pyramid Scheme)

Jobs that sound too good to be true often ARE. Especially for folks with no education or training.


5 Feel-Good School Programs With Horrifying Consequences

Everyone involved in the following initiatives meant well, but well-meaning bad ideas are still bad ideas.


The 5 Least Meaningful Songs People Mistake for Being Deep

Super fans have exalted these songs to a level of philosophical or literary heaviness that scrutiny does not sustain.


5 Powerful Organizations That Started For Stupid Reasons

Every once in a while, a massive organization you think you know turns out to just be using that notion to hide their bizarre and unexpected past.