18 Shockingly Extreme Regional Differences In America

Pretty much, living in the U.S. gives you the ability to visit 50 different countries in no time.
18 Shockingly Extreme Regional Differences In America

Despite that the word "United" is literally in the name of our country, sometimes it's hard to believe. Because unless this country is uniting together to watch a person eat as many hot dogs as possible, state-by-state, we're pretty different. Like, pretty much 50 countries coexisting together in North America under the guise of one, singular country.

For example ...

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The incarceration rate in the US is the highest in the world, but not all states lock up their peaple at the same rate. Louisiana has the highest inca
Importance of Religion The following map is based on a Most Religious Gallup poll... More Religious Average Less Religious Least Religious ...asking r
PERCENTAGE OF LGBT PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES According to a 2012 survey, 10% of DC residents identified as LGBT, the highest percentage in the U.S.
Utah 1806 Based on a survey that calculated Facebook interests of people among US states, Utah emerges as the place with the most nerdy interests like
IF you're a millennial, YOU should probably avoid Montana. Median annual personal CRAGN income for emplayed S18,000 millernials in Montana is S18,000
Do you like experiencing new cultures without leaving the U.S.? Head to California where more than a quarter of all residents were born in another cou
Each state's most popular reality TV show tells us a little bit about people there. Keeping Up With The Kardashians reigns supreme 10 California and A
'Dope' means 'cool,' In Ohio, 'dope' means or drugs, for most dessert toppings like of the states in the US chocolate sprinkles except Ohio. and syrup
HRNO Which is the oldest state by population? The answer8 Maine, with Utah being the youngesto Utah Median Age: 30.7 Maine Median Age: 44.5 UTAH 1 189
Afraid of slakes! Hopefully you don't live in Arizona, home to 19 species of venomous reptiles. You should be safe in Alaska or Maine where there are
IF You enjay other people's company and You love to party, Nevada Montana or Arkansas HRAKADCONT are places for YOU A recent survey interviewed people
CRACKEDCO Miami's coldest month, January, with its monthly average of 68.2F/20.10C... ...is warmer than San Francisco's warmest month, September, with
CRACKFD.CON BuS route mileage per every 100 square miles: Alaska- 0.04 Need ride? South Dakota- 0.2 G a Indiana- 8 California- 24666 Try D.C. New York
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If you are addicted to smoking, then living in New York might be a bad thing for you. In New York, one pack of cigarettes costs $13.50. CRACKED.COM Co
According to Pornhub data, CRACKEDe Americans really like lesbian porn, with stepmom and stepsister porn not far behind. STEP STEP LESBIAN SISTER MOM

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