25 Times Internet Vigilantes Decided Not To Be Terrible

Hey, internet! Look at you doing good things and stuff! Go, you!
25 Times Internet Vigilantes Decided Not To Be Terrible

The internet has a bad reputation. And, yeah, ok, it's pretty well deserved. But between all the creepy fan fiction and doxxing and awful selfies, the internet likes to take a break from doing stupid and silly things to actually bring some goodwill onto planet Earth.

As always, thanks to AuntieMeme for the voodoo she works putting these together.

Taylor Morris was wounded in Afghanistan. Fans on a website bought him a house. Morris lost all four limbs in an explosion, and figured his dream of o
Texas state legislators changed the date stamp on a vote. CIONS: (cescerrairig ite orver Viewing Votes: Most Recent House Vote I Most Recent Senate Vo
When you type in a reCAPTCHAI box, you're proving you're a human. mnorIG overtook Type the two words: Re CAPTCHA 100 read books. Scanned type This ago
When a New York woman left her phone in a cab, a teenager decided to keep it. eo The internet leaned on the teen until she returned it. When the girl
Alan Ralsky got rich filling people's inboxes with spam. SPAM AM WDS SPA SPAM SPAA So the internet filled his actual mailbox. Ralsky is pretty much th
A Dutch man planned to commit a mass shooting. 4chan /b/ - Random The stories and information posted here are artistic woriks of fiction and falsehood
In 2012, a Reddit user posted a rage comic about his friend. Just male me, going through When suddenly, I find an the medicine cabinet. unused pregnan
Rescue workers responding to the 2015 Nepal earthquake weren't sure where to start. ta 7.8 Nepal Butwal Narayangaidih Kathmande Dfulikhe4 Birgunj izab
A New York man mugged an old lady on the subway. STVRTS And Gawker fans found his Facebook page. The man's face wasn't visible on the security video,
Little Leo Kogan was diagnosed with strep throat. f But a Facebook user spotted something else. His mom posted photos of his rash on Facebook, venting
A British woman hit a cyclist with her car, and drove off. TORES FILS ErOR Emma Way @EmmaWay20 2h Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier -
Tweets are entertaining at best, right? Scientists can use them to study health trends. When people get sick, they tweet about it. Scientists from Joh
A man became stranded on the ice in Germany. He was saved by a webcam. A tourist in St. Peter-Ording set out on foot across the frozen North Sea to ta
There are some puzzles computers can't solve. Progress 8899 of 10000 upin thk folace Puill sheet Oa Place aned form Dot foroet wou can ntrokck and and
A South Korean woman refused to pick up. after her dog on the subway. 901902 11072 E7YO NOVAM XSUR CULHO VXO| OPSHOD0 RWDE Tote u And now she's known
A Canadian man tried to hook up with a teenage girl. And Anonymous fished him out. Anonymous set up a sting that outed Chris Forcand for trying to sol
A South African man was carjacked in 2012. Lynn Peters Follow @onebadvillynn Be on the look for DSSo41GP my boyufriend has just been hijacked and is i
A Memphis teen offered to carry groceries in exchange for donuts. And the internet stepped in to take care of his family. Chauncy Jones Black, 16, off
A branch of a shop refused to let a child use its bathroom. CLOSED The web got her an apology from the CEO. When employees at the Rocky Mountain Choco
Cancer Research UK had a ton of samples to sort. So the internet got it done. Web users flocked to the Click to Cure website, where they viewed and sc
These days, bad movies don't make any money. And it's all because of Twitter. No matter how hyped it is, the minute people see a bad movie, they'll tw
In 2011, gamers flocked to an MMO called MMOWGLI. mmot gli al And they helped fight actual pirates. The Navy created a war game that mimicked the rul
25 Times Internet Vigilantes Decided Not To Be Terrible
In 2009, a teen posted a video of himself torturing a cat. 4chan got the cat taken away. It didn't take long for users to find the kid's Facebook page
Jo Cox was killed by a man who wanted to keep Britain British. Brits are responding by helping out Syrian refugees. Cox was a Member of Parliament w

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