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5 Ways Life With Tourette's is Way Weirder Than in Movies

We talked to four people living with Tourette's syndrome and discovered that, aside from their unfortunate condition, they're as normal and human as the rest of us, and sometimes, just sometimes, maybe a little bit more butterscotch dinosaur snatch.


4 Things Nobody Tells You About Food Allergies

Having a medically restricted diet is not all that bad. It's much better than having Fingers Falling Off Syndrome, or some sort of condition that makes all dogs hate you. But there's some things a lot of people don't get.


5 Mundane Things That Caused Earth-Shattering Destruction

Much like your significant other, sometimes there is just no predicting what will set off a monumental disaster.


5 Seemingly Innocent Phrases That Start Instant Flame Wars

Understanding all the connotations a word has and picking the one that best suits your purposes is one of the most critical skills you can have when writing or public speaking.


2 New Shirts for 'The Simpsons' and Cracked Fans

Stupidity has never been more celebrated as, or embodied by, Homer Simpson.


5 Bizarre Parts of Christianity That Are Going Away Forever

As America starts looking more secular and less like Pat Robertson's 1950s-era dream board, I suspect a few of the sillier elements of Christian culture are going to disappear forever.


5 Ways You're Screwing Up Your Pet (Explained by a Vet)

I've worked as a veterinary tech for seven years, and I've seen people make all kinds of stupid decisions with regard to their furry friends.


6 Awesome Things I'm Not Cool Enough To Own

I couldn't pull these off without feeling self-conscious.


6 Types of Gender Inequality That We Need to Just Accept

The fact is there are certain areas of life in which men will inevitably be superior to women, and other areas where women are leaps and bounds ahead of men.


So You're Trapped In a Labyrinth

Is the labyrinth a metaphor? Are you trapped in something that's just really confusing? A long-term cellphone plan? A bureaucratic nightmare? The prison of your own diseased mind?


4 Aspects of Hostage Situations Movies Didn't Prepare Me For

Thanks to pop culture, we feel we have a pretty firm grip on hostage negotiation procedure. But we learned that the movies had wildly misinformed us about the reality of hostage negotiation.


4 Comic Crossovers That Stuck It to the Man

Here are four times writers from rival franchises secretly (and slightly illegally) made their comics intersect and didn't tell anyone.


4 Terrible Messages That Girl-Centered Ads Are Sending

As a grown woman and a mom of middle school daughters, I'm convinced that the new wave of viral ads are just as pandering and insulting as the things they're trying to prevent.


4 Modern Countries With Surprisingly Backward Technology

A lot of places that we think of as 'modern' are still trailing stray bits of old-school technology, like a Van Halen cassette whose magnetic tape has gotten caught in the back wheel of a flying car.


6 Offensive Messages Hidden in Huge Marketing Campaigns

Nobody involved in these ads likely had anything but the best of intentions, which is why it's all the funnier.