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I've Got Narcolepsy: 6 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About It

You know that moment when the alarm goes off and all you can think is


5 Reasons Most Lifehacks Are Actually Totally Useless

Because how-to guides and lifehacks are popular, the Internet keeps demanding they get cranked out. Which gives you a big hint what the first problem is.


The 6 Most WTF Military Weapons Anyone Was Ever Killed By

If the enemy is prepared for every non-stupid contingency, that means you have only one option left. And many times, the stupid option works.


17 Cringe-Worthy Facts About Highly Respected Occupations

Wine tasters are so good, they can even find major differences between two glasses filled with the exact same wine.


5 Insane Things TV Forgets To Mention About Nurses

It may seem like we're intentionally seeking out just the grossest, most horrifying jobs in the world for these articles, but we assure you we're not doing it on purpose.


5 Things You Do Every Day That Will Kill You In The Future

The secret ingredient in many e-cig refill liquids is diacetyl. This relatively harmless-sounding chemical is OK to eat, but when you breathe it in, you risk an irreversible, debilitating lung disease.


6 Impressive Titles That Aren't As Impressive As You Think

Around 2,000 people are knighted every year, and not a single one of them won a jousting tourney.


5 Things You Won't Believe Haven't Been Invented Yet

If a Keurig can brew up 100 types of coffee, surely you can make me a machine that can produce a passable mojito or Tom Collins.


6 Annoying Realities Of Being An Ex-Smoker

Anti-smoking ads present a pretty simple situation: Smoking is bad because you get addicted to the nicotine. But that's not the only reason people won't quit.


Your Purebred Is Inbred: 5 Realities Of Dog Breeding

Purebred dogs: A noble idea that has gone horribly wrong in recent years.


5 Things Nobody Understands About PTSD (Thanks To Movies)

America loves the idea of its soldiers. But the thing is that real human beings are coming back from war zones with a long list of nightmarish health problems that pretty much nobody wants to hear about.


The 20 Most Badass Things Ever Said In Real Life

'Everybody has a plan until they get hit.'


5 Shockingly Outdated Problems Modern Women Face At Work

Most of the headwinds women face when trying to advance in the workplace exist due to cultural inertia. This is how we've always done it, and fundamental habits are hard to change.


5 Brutal Reasons 75% Of Special Ed Teachers Quit

When your students have physical conditions that make it difficult for them to even sit in a chair or hold a pencil, an already thankless job is taken to a whole other level.


5 Killer Pranks That Prove Politicians Have A Sense Of Humor

No matter what echelon of society you live in, there is a part of the human brain that stops aging in high school.