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Beats sold four pairs of their Solos headphones every minute of 2013 thanks, in part, to their weight.


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Keith Olbermann doesn't give a damn.


Women Are More Dangerous Than Men: 5 Lessons Of A Bouncer

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5 Massive Problems We'd Face Living On Another Planet

There are problems with interplanetary colonization that sci-fi doesn't warn you about -- most of which involve our imminent doom.


6 Shockingly Brutal Realities Of Working For A Museum

It turns out museums are deathtraps and almost certainly haunted.


7 Insane Police Tactics That'd Be Funny If They Weren't Real

Tasers are nonlethal weapons that have killed over 500 people, so obviously the next step was to make them bigger and stronger.


6 Foreign Words So Dark There Are No English Equivalents

Shockingly, only one of these is German.


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6 Brutal Things You Experience As An Ex-Convict

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