27 Head-Scratching Reasons For The Names Of Common Stuff

27 Head-Scratching Reasons For The Names Of Common Stuff

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Bengen720 recently told us that biologists are incredibly childish when it comes to naming things, and will seize every possible opportunity to name a discovery after a penis. So figured that it can't just be scientists who are like that, right? We mean, we don't get to choose our names so naming something else is the perfect opportunity to show the world how smart and creative we are. No one is going to miss such an oppurtunity, even if he is not a biologist.  So we asked readers to dig into funny, bizarre stories behind the names of pretty much anything in the world. And they did not disappoint - from Avocado to video games and all the wat to eBay, things were really named for unbelievably stupid reasons.    

Here's what our users found, enjoy. 

Entry by Resivir

XBOX Initially, the marketing team hated the name, SO they came up with an entire list of names they thought were better. They did decide to leave XB
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