These 20 Killer Overseas Food & Drinks Crush America's

Man, we are so hungry right now.
These 20 Killer Overseas Food & Drinks Crush America's

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America's supposed to be a melting pot, right? Where you can get pretty much any type of food and drink? As it turns out, not so much. Other countries still have much-better versions of the foods and drinks you can get from stores and restaurants in the U.S.

Following are the edible and drinkable products that our readers wish they could get in America.

CRACKEDCO The Czech Republic has some pretty delicious foods, in particular the Smazeny syr. It's a slab of breaded and fried cheese often served with
The US has plenty of snacks to eat while you're drinking at a bar but nothing quite like the Dutch bitterballen. This perfect bar snack is fried and f
CRACKEDCO In Canada, you can get ketchup chips everywhere. Lay's mDe's al.ine cli iot LOADS OF KETCHUP Ketchup PLEINES DE IKETCHUP 200 g RAOUR VSHERSM
Did you know there are more flavors of Fanta soda available In Europe, like Lemon and Fruit Twist? It is common to top off your favorite light SanMlig
If fyou're in the Philippines, make time to stop by a baskin BR B Probbins and try the regional flavor HOKEYPOKEY! It's white chocolate with bits of h
Chatti Pathiri is an Indian dish; it's like lasagna except it uses crepes instead of pasta sheets. CRACKEDCON
You can get blackcurrant in grocery stores just about anywhere, except the U.S. Blackcurrant cheesecake Its shrubs in the U.S. were spreading a fungus
Thailand McDonald's just released a CHICKEN BBQ PIE. It's spicy and awesome! When will McD's in the US realize a pie can also be a meal? 3 CRAGKEIDOON
CRACKEDO COM Got a sweet tooth? Head over to Portugal and try out their pastel de nata. It is a crispy tart filled with sweet and creamy egg filling.
European chocolate is smoother, richer, and creamier than American chocolate. enoco oL.lss Stice: Milka M milka OREO milrs TIAOLER re OT Mika POR Canr
CRACKEDO CON EVERTASTED A ROLEX'? In Uganda a Rolex is a delicious on-the-go food made by wrapping an egg omelette, vegetables and other fillings inac
In the United Kingdom, TACOBELLL sells a dessert item called the CHOCOMARSH MELT. Think of the Crunchwrap Willy Wonka would make. linstead of beef, le
In Japan, you can get a cherry blossom-flavored Starbucks latte. It's a creamy drink with crunchy, roasted rice crackers.
The dadar gulung is not your average American flapjack. These delicious snacks found in Indonesia are folded pancakes made from rice flourand filled w
If you're ever in Europe, you can try Burger King's X-tra LonG Chili Cheeseburger. It's made of three beef patties, melted cheddar cheese, chili sauce
Bubble waffles, or gai dan zaai, are Hong Kong's trademark waffle. They're usually eaten as oversized ice cream cones.
Happen to be in the Netherlands right now? Grab yourself some pataje oorlog, which basically means 'war fries'. It is a pile of fries covered in vario
CRACKED OM Oatmeal is a boring way to start the day. Unlike the sweet, chocolate, rice oatmeal served in the Philippines.
At Pizza Hut in the UAE, there's CHOCOMANIA available for dessert. It's made of pizza dough stuffed with melted white and dark chocolate chips, and sp


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