18 Ways Ads Have Warped Our World View

18 Ways Ads Have Warped Our World View

Advertising companies used to be run by swaggering producers and directors who stocked up on extravagant client contracts but occasionally generated ads that defined the cultural discourse and charmed the audience in the pre-digital era. At least that’s what Mad Men taught us.

Here’s the thing: our readers are not knuckleheads and neither are we. We're all aware that commercials are a load of rubbish. Despite this, we didn’t necessarily understand how powerful they are. A lot of what we believe is influenced by advertising, and a lot of it is incorrect.

That's why MoroseGorilla recommended that our readers correct us on all the things we're getting incorrect as a result of some stupid ad. 

Today, we'll look at the 18 ways that the worst advertising of all time has distorted our perception of the world. This collection covers commercials from all across the world, whether in print or online, because there are so many horrible facts to shake our heads. As a result, television advertising is unquestionably included.

Things such as...

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18 Ways Ads Have Warped Our World View
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