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7 Real Fast Food Items Only Insanely Rich People Can Buy

The best thing about a burger is how you can pile everything on a patty and just eat the shit out of it -- which is exactly what the $1,770 Glamburger does.


4 Things 'Dumb' Politicians Do That Are Secretly Smart

I've learned to recognize certain political equivalents of setups to wrestling finishers, spot moves, and identify other manipulative crowd-pleasing antics.


6 People With WTF Secret Lives Absolutely Nobody Saw Coming

Be kind to everyone you meet. You never know who is actually an enforcer for a drug dealer or a vampire LARPer.


5 Awesome Acts Of Revenge That Qualify As Creative Genius

Never mess with a 13-year-old and his beloved dog.


6 Insane Realities Of Life As A Professional Hand Model

Although it's a job you never stop to think about, everything you've ever bought, from your smartphone to your sandwich, was sold to you by somebody using a hand model.


6 Awesome Gifts For Traumatizing The People You Love

Let's face it: A jellyfish is just damp tissue that was granted semi-sentience and is not suitable to gift to anybody, let alone a loved one.


6 Popular 'Luxury' Products That Are Based On An Absurd Lie

Beats sold four pairs of their Solos headphones every minute of 2013 thanks, in part, to their weight.


So You've Stopped Worshiping The Old Gods

Time to stock up on candles, sacrificial animals, and bongos.


5 Insane Realities Of The Rural Meth Trade

One minute you're a young guy selling meth, then all of the sudden you're selling heroin with the Aryan Brotherhood.


5 Things Hollywood Gets Wrong About Gun Ranges

It turns out gun ranges aren't all hollering' lead orgies or filled by chants of, 'U.S.A!'


5 Top Secret WWII Allied Plots That Were Maximum WTF

What's one way to troll the Nazis? By sending six hilariously inadequate planes to bomb Berlin during their anniversary party.


5 People Who Make You Reconsider The Right To Free Speech

Keith Olbermann doesn't give a damn.


Women Are More Dangerous Than Men: 5 Lessons Of A Bouncer

We talked to a bouncer named Cronk and learned all about terrifying women, Road House, and how everyone is just itching for a fight to happen.


5 Massive Problems We'd Face Living On Another Planet

There are problems with interplanetary colonization that sci-fi doesn't warn you about -- most of which involve our imminent doom.


6 Shockingly Brutal Realities Of Working For A Museum

It turns out museums are deathtraps and almost certainly haunted.