Let's say you're a company. You want to expand, right? Which means trying to hawk your merchandise in other countries. So you sit down with experts who carefully review the cultural implications of your branding and product, and develop a reasoned strategy.

Unless you're these companies, who apparently just used Google translate and signed off. Resulting in hilarious blunders like:

The American Dairy Association's Got milk? campaign was such a hit that they decided to go international with it. YOUR MILK COMES FROM A GOOD PLACE

While expanding into China, Pepsi unknowing!y made a creepy promise to consumers in the form of biblical miracles. I BECTEATLORE The company's popular

When Colgate decided to sell toothpaste in France, they gave it a name that should've come with a parental advisory. Colgate: Their Cue toothpaste s

Schweppese sold their Tonic Water iin Italy without realizing that no self-respecting person would dare to drink it. WATER INDIAN schweppes TONIC The

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Ford held a promotional campaign in Belgium with the bold promise that each car would come with a free zombie. Ford The ad was meant to say, Every ca

In 1987, Braniff international released an ad that was easily confused for an open invitation into the mile-high club. BI CUNNA0000 ARANIFF IAreRNTION

Coors accidentally marketed beer to their Spanish-speaking customers with the promise that they'd run to the toilet. T HE ORIGIN Coos LONGNECKS OZ AT

Frank Perdue often appeared in his Perdue ads with the tag line, It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken. PERDUE. Unfortunately, his love for

When KFC first moved to China, it must have curbed appetites by accidentally promoting self-cannibalism. KFC DEAL In an attempt to translate their sig

During 2016's Chinese New Year, Nike offended its Chinese customers with special-edition Air Force 1 shoes. DL e NIKEID They had printed Fa on one s

Mercedes-Benz entered the Chinese market with a brand name that portrayed their cars as effective deathtraps. The luxury car company wasn't paying eno

Ford took its Pinto model over to Brazil without knowing it announced a trait that many would rather keep hidden. Ford You see, the word Pinto might

Parker Pen was trying hard to avoid embarrassing their Mexican clients when they ended up embarrassing themselves. PARKER EBT. 1888 They wrongly conve

Clairol introduced their curling iron to the German market by describing it, literally, as a hot pile of cow dung. UEMT BLOOE LCD CLAR CLAIROL NO Yx A

The soaps produced by Iranian company Paxan Co. ironically carry a name that labels them as packaged filth. Lem Automatic Bar Colol Auomatic Powd Ate
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