12 Insider Truths That Will Shake You Awake

Wake up and smell the disgusting coffee.
12 Insider Truths That Will Shake You Awake

Ignorance is bliss. Aren't you happy not knowing what goes into your hot dogs, or what we just left in your mailbox? Yeah, sorry, but we're about to crush that sheltered, untroubled existence you're leading. Here are some hard truths from people in the know that will radically change how you see the world.

Flight attendants know better than to drink the coffee. Airline crews never drink coffee, tea, or even water they didn't bring onboard themselves. The
Your sushi isn't the fish you ordered. More often than not, that halibut isn't halibut and the red snapper isn't actually red snapper. Not even in hig
Labeling your package as fragile won't protect it. Shipping companies will treat your breakable stuff just as any other package, regardless of label
CRACKEDcO Order your steak well done at your OWn risk. If you do, you're likely to get the crappiest piece of beef lying around the kitchen - the reas
CRACKED CON Betore Best: 12.31.2020 Expiration dates are meaningless. Is food spoiled after its best before date, or just not as good, but still edi
The booze industry relies on alcoholics. Heavy drinkers account for most of the profits of the alcoholic beverage industry. Over half of their bottom
Embalming is usually optional. Most of the time, embalming a recently deceased person is neither necessary nor legally required unless burial or crema
CRACKEDCON You don't want popcorn during a matinee showing. It's likely to be the previous night's leftovers, MI stored in garbage bags overnight and
Smells in stores may be fake. That lovely freshly-baked bread smell? There's a good chance it's artificial. Nebulization technology, which vaporizes
You can find bedbugs even in five-star hotels. No matter how clean (or pricey) the room bedbugs can still be lurking. The tiny bugs can hitch a ride w
Libraries trash books all the time. As more and more reference material is digitized, libraries are throwing out millions of physical books. It's hear
A single company controls your porn. Pornhub, YouPorn, Redtube... those and more are all owned by the unasummingly- named MindGeek. And they also own
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