The Biggest Art Restoration Screw-Ups Of All Time

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The Biggest Art Restoration Screw-Ups Of All Time
It's Monkey Jesus all over again.

Someone set out to restore a historical artifact, and ended up finger painting a sleep paralysis demon. Bartolome Esteban Murillo's Immaculate Conception is the newest inductee into The Botched Art Hall of Fame.

Check it out below, and take a stroll through the hallowed halls of the all-time biggest artistic and architectural f*-ups.
The statue of Santa Barbara ORIGINAL RESTORATION Santa Cruz da Barra Chapel, Brazil- ca. 1800 It looks like she knows what they've done to her. One lo
Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus ORIGINAL RESTORATION Sudbury, Canada ca, 1950 People kept stealing baby Jesus' head, SO a local artist stepped in and offer
Ocakli Ada Castle ORIGINAL RESTORATION Sile, Turkey- ca. 100 The town that planned this restoration stands by their decision to turn a historical trea
The statue of Saint George ORIGINAL RESTORATION Navarre, Spain- ca. 16th century A local teacher painted this statue of Saint George, who looks like h
Statues of Mars and Venus ORIGINAL RESTORATION Italy - ca. 175 AD In having these statues restored, Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi took creative lib
Castle of Matrera ORIGINAL RESTORATION Villamartin, Spain - ca. 9th century Architects were legally obligated to make it clear which portions of this
Mask of Tutankhamun ORIGINAL RESTORATION Cairo, Egypt ca 1324 BC After a Museum of Cairo employee dropped the mask, her husband just went ahead and su
The Great Wall of China ORIGINAL RESTORATION In 2016, over a mile of the wall was repaired by filling in the walkways and crenellations with lime an
Ecce Homo ORIGINAL RESTORATION Borja, Spain - ca. 1930 You know the story: a sweet old lady ruined a painting and became a laughingstock. But there's
Tree of Fertility ORIGINAL RESTORATION ? ? ? Massa Marittima, Italy ca. 1265 In 2011, a restoration service is believed to have purposely castrated th
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