The Horrifying 1970's Children's Book You've Never Seen

The Horrifying 1970's Children's Book You've Never Seen
What freaked you out as a kid? All Dogs Go To Heaven? The demon bear in The Berenstain Bears? That time Arnold hallucinated his decaying grandfather in Hey Arnold?

Those are merely the background radiation from the Big Bang of unhinged children's media from the '70s. Take, for example, the work of Gojin Ishihara:

Children's media can be scary as all hell. But if you thought things were spooky in the '9Os, get a load of what was marketed to kids in the '70s: CRA

This is the work of children's illustrator Gojin B O Sh<uf U Ishihara, AKA Japan's Norman Rockwell, whose prolific career started at 75007 age 10.

He mastered several wildly disparate genres, from children's programming to Manson Family erotica. 65919591512 S tsooik NAAATAA CHAKA-C* A E t 1341 HA

One of his most enduring works which, again, E was for kids is: i Helc 1t22. EET0t8377 The llustrated Book of Japanese Monsters

Tenjo-sagari the ceiling dweller Sn naki Hides in the space between the ceiling and the roof. Eats humans, possibly asbestos. CRACKED COM

Kubire- strangler demon < Uh veertestolpitc. B13nt T036820037 <UHett. The spirit of a drowned man who, I'm gonna say, tickles you to death with his gh

Rokurokubi long-necked woman 1D4510 2422-257'5 OV$2' 38- H OV* $77ST7OZ7P mdcra dHucsns (THB) A FothSra NCYHMMSIUOONE yort These are often otherwise-n

Nekomata cat monster hauiteeztd -201. Instead of dying, domestic cats turn into Nekomata, eat humans, then run off to live peacefully in the mountains

Tengu heavenly dog 4 M KIE Birds, not dogs. They used to be warmongerers, but evolved into protective sprites who chuckle at you from the treetops. AC

Jorogumo whore spider toemtt -Au tIeThUrLtko TiT. MOtetRoTXA LTEIETEIS A spidery centaur- esque succubus who commands an army of fire-breathing spider

Kappa river child Love cucumbers, sumo, and trying to harvest a mythical organ from within the human anus. CRACKED

Further reading: This particular book is hard to come by, but you can find a couple other Ishihara books on Amazon: BI Futuristic uatrations B for idd
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