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5 Kitchen Hacks for the Broke and Hungry

Here are a few tricks I've picked up as a result of spending the past couple of years as the primary bread cooker in the house.


6 Tips for the Socially Awkward Gal

I've spent years of Friday nights 'Gorillas in the Mist'-ing with the socially adept and today I'll walk you through the steps to successfully navigating a girls' night out.


5 Animal Rights Campaigns That Managed to Screw Over Animals

Sometimes, in their single-minded efforts to make the world a better place for animals, self-proclaimed animal-rights activists actually make things a whole lot worse.


The 5 Most Absurd Superhero Names of All Time

There was a time when comic book writers were so desperate to think of names that hadn't been snatched up yet that they apparently didn't take a second to say those names out loud.


5 Awesome Things With Inexplicably Bad Reputations

It turns out that a lot of the things you've been using as synonyms for 'terrible' are actually not that bad.


5 Nerd Hacks That Make You Less of a Jerk

There are people who spend longer improving their phones than their own personality, and it shows.


4 Everyday Activities that Are Way Scarier than You Expect

There's still stuff in the world that scares you, and it's probably not supernatural or deathly serious in nature.


4 New Words We Need Because of the Internet

These will no doubt become abbreviations and emoticons in about a week.


5 Real Ways the World Could Just Freaking End

For all our imagination about the apocalypse, Mother Nature still can outdo us.


10 Tips for Improving Your Goodbye Letter to the World

What if everyone sat down and wrote a goodbye letter before the world went kaboom?


9 Lessons From the Greatest College Movie Ever

This movie's core plot is an expert student teaching a freshman how to survive, and its lessons are still good.


5 Mental Tricks for Getting Over Yourself

Breaking news: Nobody gives a shit. Get over yourself already.