Hey! Prominent figures can have blood feuds too, ya know! They might be smarter and more successful than the rest of us, so it’s comforting to know that they too can succumb to pettiness. If anything, the higher up the ladder you go, the thicker the competition. When a rival threatened to squash their precious egos, they fought back. The stakes were high, but the feuds were petty. 

Sure, the public might view these dignitaries as, well, dignitaries, but as time goes on, stories of their sometimes incredibly trivial fallouts come into light. Who knew Benjamin Franklin had beef with another prominent bald figurehead? We didn’t. Until now. 

We were also pretty thrilled to learn that world renowned shoe companies Adidas and Puma were born out of a bitter rivalry, and that you can in fact use pastries as insults. Because it’s hilarious. These are just a few of many frivolous incidents that sparked lifelong, sometimes even deadly beefs between prominent, dignified people.

Go bleep bloop yourself!

Petty beefs among dignified folks Ys R2-D2 С-ЗРО Classically trained Anthony Daniels (С-3РО) constantly insulted former circus performer Kenny Baker (R2-D2). Baker called Daniels the rudest man he ever met, and Daniels said the character of R2-D2 might as well be a bucket. CRACKED



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