13 People Who Were Misquoted into Oblivion

To be fair, “Hello, Clarice” is a lot creepier than, “good morning.”
13 People Who Were Misquoted into Oblivion

There are a ton of fun little one liners that we’re ready to drop at a moment’s notice. We never really question where they originated but who cares, right? They’re just so perfect for that exact moment, so just drop these gems and walk away. Not that you’re all of a sudden going to start spouting the real quotes — because in most cases, they are nowhere near as cool as the misquotes — but there’s been some Mandela effect afoot, and we like bursting bubbles for some reason. 

You might thank us the next time you run into Sir Anthony Hopkins. You might be inclined to throw him a creepy, “Hello Clarice,” and we’ll spare you his eye roll by sharing that he never actually said that in The Silence of the Lambs. You’re welcome.

Who knows, maybe this is part of our undying need to be right. Or maybe we feel the need to sing for the unsung heroes who actually conjured up these quotes. These are questions for our therapists. For now, here are 13 people who were misquoted into oblivion.

Don’t believe Tommy Boy reciting it into his desk fan.

CRACKED Luke, I am FAKE father.' your -DARTH VADER Maybe people misquoted it to give it context, but the line is actually, No, I am your father.



It wasn’t just any old mirror.

CRACKED Mirror, wall... I THE QUEEN The Queen in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs summons the face in the mirror by calling him magic mirror, not by saying mirror twice.



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