Tell Us Now: 14 Times We Experienced The Mandela Effect

Oh, the ways our memory has failed us.
Tell Us Now: 14 Times We Experienced The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect describes a circumstance in which a huge group of individuals believes something happened when it didn't. Examining the origins of the Mandela effect, as well as some well-known examples and possible explanations for this bizarre confluence of senses, can help to throw light on this peculiar phenomenon.

People believe there used to be a "Jiffy" peanut butter; however, we think they're merging Jif and its competitor, Skippy. Frankly, we still don’t believe it. Indeed, the cartoon was misspelled "Tunes," which makes almost no sense. The Berenstain Bears are a beloved family of cartoon bear family who spelled their last names with an "a."

There are plenty more examples on this mind blowing journey. Look, we know you want more.

So be active because we are sharing some examples here…

We all know personal memories may be faulty and inaccurate, but when our collective memory fails us, it can be very disconcerting. The Mandela effect occurs when numerous people have the same mistaken recollection. Here are 14 examples.

... TELL US NOW. C-3PO'S TWO GOLD LEGS David C. says, I've been a Star Wars fan for most of my life, and I swear that C-3PO's leg wasn't always silver. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. TOM CRUISE'S SUNGLASSES Tim О. says, I vividly remember that dance scene as Tom Cruise wearing a white dress shirt and sunglasses. However apparently he's wearing a pink shirt and no sunglasses... And it blows my mind... I watched this movie dozens and dozens of times. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE ТОМ CRUISE INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE John P. says, I swear the movie Interview with the Vampire was called 'Interview with A Vampire. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. TIM BURTON'S THE ADDAMS FAMILY Megan S. says, I would've fought someone, insisting that The Addams Family (1991) was a Tim Burton film, but alas, I would've been wrong... it was directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. And I have since encountered others who also (wrongly) believe this. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. TEXAS' SHAPE Brian E. says, I could have sworn Texas had a divot in its northeast corner. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. SHAZAAM WITH SINBAD SH A Denise W. distinctly remembers Shazaam the genie movie with Sinbad even though 1996's Kazaam actually starred Shaq. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. RECENT DODGE TRUCKS 1500 US DO RAM NEW TOWN - Ron M. tells us, When did Dodge stop making pick up trucks? Almost 12 years ago, in 2010. What? Yes, Dodge Trucks became Ram and the Dodge name is only used for performance vehicles (Charger, etc). You may think you have seen ads for Dodge Trucks, but you have not seen the name or logo in over a decade. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. MR. MONOPOLY'S EYEWARE $ Ka D. tells us, I clearly knew (knew!!!!) the Monopoly man had a monocle...he does not!!! This man with great vision's name is actually Rich Uncle Pennybags. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. DC'S SPIDERMAN AY Johnathan H. says, I would swear growing up that Spider-Man was part of DC comics. Honestly remember him in Justice League cartoons and other media. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. ED MCMAHON'S PUBLISHER'S CLEARING HOUSE PUBLIS RS PUBLISHERS CLAMMING HOUSE R PCN du LEROY FAULKS, SR. de $1 MILLION Plus $5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE MEGA PRIZE adidas Cassandra S. says, Ed McMahon wasn't in the Publisher's Clearing House commercials. Не never showed up at anyone's doorstep or gave giant sweepstakes checks to anyone. I found this out 3 weeks ago and am still reeling over it. Не actually worked for their competitor American Family Publishers. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. IN THE MIDDLE the middle. Steven C. swears that the sitcom The Middle starring Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn was actually called In The Middle. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. NELSON MANDELA'S YEAR OF DEATH Ren M. cites the titular Mandela effect, My first and only experience of the Mandela Effect was when Mandela died and loads of people (mostly American) thought he'd already died years beforehand. CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. BOB DYLAN'S DEATH Christoph В. says, I keep forgetting Bob Dylan is still alive. Not only is he alive but I walked him up on stage! CRACKED.COM
... TELL US NOW. FRUIT OF THE LOOM'S CORNUCOPIA 3 FRUIT THE OF LOOM® Dave G. tells us, I remember the cornucopia in the Fruit of the Loom logo. Except a cornucopia has never been in any version of the company's logo. CRACKED.COM
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