If you grew up in the early 1990s, there's a good chance you're familiar with The Addams Family movies. The spooky and macabre family was the focus of two hilarious feature-length films, both of which were hits at the box office. But what you may not know is that the making of these movies was just as wild and crazy as the finished products themselves! In this blog post, we'll take a look at some of the fascinating facts about the production of The Addams Family movies. So put on your thinking caps and get ready for some fun movie trivia!

The Addams Family movies are a fan favorite and for good reason! They're funny, quirky, and just the right amount of spooky. But what most people don't know is that there are a lot of behind-the-scenes secrets that went into making these beloved classics. Here are some of our favorites!

Here are some delightfully macabre facts about the making of those famous '90s films, The Addams Family and Addams Family Values, ranging from the joy of getting to throw babies off of rooftops to performers lugging the equivalent of cinder blocks on top of their heads.

Christopher Lloyd forever

The Addams Family CHRISTOPHER LLOYD HAD A HARD TIME PLAYING FESTER ADDAMS. Не had to constantly bend his knees to appear so short, but he said it worked out well because it automatically gave him a funny walk. CRACKED.COM


The heaviest wig in showbiz

The Addams Family COUSIN ITT'S WIG WEIGHED ABOUT 35 POUNDS. Other things that weigh 35 pounds are dingos, a cinder block, and your average four-year-old. CRACKED.COM


Cher, the other Morticia Addams

The Addams Family THE STUDIO WANTED CHER TO PLAY MORTICIA ADDAMS But director Barry Sonnenfeld and producer Scott Rubin felt that it would unbalance the film if they cast such a megastar. CRACKED.COM


A very good hand job

The Addams Family IT TOOK HAND ACTOR CHRISTOPHER HART FOUR MONTHS TO SHOOT THE THING'S SCENES. Hart had to shoot all of his scenes twice-once with the other cast members and once alone - and his body was removed by the visual effects team during post-production. CRACKED.COM


Thanksgiving in Summer

The Addams Family CAMP CHIPPEWA'S THANKSGIVING PLAY IN ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES TOOK TWO WEEKS TO SHOOT. The screenwriter noted that he found it funny how no one questioned them doing a Thanksgiving play in the middle of summer. CRACKED.COM


Seeing double of Mercedes McNab

The Addams Family MERCEDES MCNAB WAS IN THE FIRST FILM, TOO. What do TO I your To 1 She had a small role as the Girl Scout during Wednesday and Pugsley's lemonade stand scene where she asks them, Is this made from real lemons? McNab still had to audition for her role as Amanda Buckley in Addams Family Values. CRACKED.COM


A Tim Burton movie, almost

The Addams Family THE FIRST MOVIE WAS ALMOST DIRECTED BY TIM BURTON. VERRUCKT SEIN IST RELATIV Addams Family The adaptation of the TV show was originally offered to Burton and then to Terry Gilliam before Barry Sonnefeld was chosen to direct. CRACKED.COM


Baby Pubert's origin (of canceled)

The Addams Family BABY PUBERT WAS THE PRODUCT OF ONE OF CHARLES ADDAMS' FAILED CARTOONS FOR THE NEW YORKER. The magazine refused to publish the cartoon featuring the name Pubert because they felt it was too provocative back then. So baby Pubert got to live in Addams Family Values. CRACKED.COM


Swords on set

The Addams Family IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: NO SWORD FIGHTING DOUBLES WERE USED DURING THE MAKING OF THIS FILM. Yep, that duel scene between Gomez Addams and Tully Alford was done by the actors themselves. CRACKED.COM


Christina Ricci's favorite scene

The Addams Family THE BLOODY SCHOOL PLAY WAS ONE OF CHRISTINA RICCI'S FAVORITE SCENES SHOT THROUGHOUT HER CAREER. That was so fun. We had tubes running up our legs, and I had that prosthetic...It was just great. I got in trouble, actually, because at the end... we would fight like brother and sister. They called cut on the last take, and I drenched him in the blood that was coming from my neck. And he was very upset about it. Не felt that I had embarrassed him in front of an entire audience of people. CRACKED.COM


The Addams Family...lawsuit?

The Addams Family A LAWSUIT FOLLOWED THE RELEASE OF THE FIRST MOVIE Even though Charles Addams was the creator, the director of the TV show David Levy claimed that he owned the trademark on some of the Addams Family features, including making the Thing a bodiless hand. Paramount settled with Levy before the lawsuit went to court. CRACKED.COM


Michael Jackson's canceled song

The Addams Family MICHAEL JACKSON'S CANCELLED SONG FOR ADDAMS FAMILY VALUES. Jackson was set to have his song Is It Scary featured on the movie soundtrack along with a music video of villagers chasing him with their pitchforks, but the deal had to be cancelled following the first allegations against him. CRACKED.COM


Producer Scott Rubin's sing-along inspiration

The Addams Family Producer Scott Rubin came up with the idea of turning The Addams Family TV show into a movie after a bunch of people in a van returning from a 20th Century Fox screening started singing the show's theme song. НЕ PITCHED HIS ADAPTATION IDEA THE NEXT DAY. CRACKED.COM


Anjelica Huston meets Jerry Hall

The Addams Family ANJELICA HUSTON BASED MORTICIA ON JERRY HALL. With the Addams Family everything white is black and everything good is bad, but Morticia is the most lenient, understanding and wonderful mother. I've always seen Jerry as a perfect example of motherhood. CRACKED.COM


Christina Ricci meets Winona Ryder

The Addams Family CHRISTINA RICCI TOOK INSPIRATION FROM WINONA RYDER IN BEETLEJUICE TO PLAY WEDNESDAY ADDAMS. Actually, it was Ricci's mother who told her daughter before the audition to think of Ryder's character in Tim Burton's movie because they were kind of similar. CRACKED.COM


Uncle Fester's biggest fan

The Addams Family CHRISTOPHER LLOYD WAS A HUGE UNCLE FESTER FAN WHEN НЕ WAS A KID. I grew up on Charles Addams' cartoons, particularly The Addams Family, and Uncle Fester was always one of my favorites. Every time the magazine came in with Charles Addams' cartoons, I'd open it up, hoping there'd be one with Uncle Fester. Не just always appealed to me, his whole persona. So, I was astonished when, literally decades later, I get a call to play the part. CRACKED.COM


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