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The New 'Paper Mario' Is Proof That Mario Is The Only Franchise Allowed To Get Weird

'Paper Mario: Origami King' looks so weird and different that we're jealous on behalf of all other gaming companies.


Sex Work Is A Thing In 'Animal Crossing'

What better way to explore being dominated than watching your 'Animal Crossing' character get whacked with a net?


Enough With The 'Real Gameplay' BS Footage Already

Sorry, gaming industry. We're not falling for it.


'Tony Hawk' Stays True To What Made It Great

Get ready to shred without being asked for a credit card.


2018’s Spider-Man PS4 Game Called All Of This

Losing your Spidey Sense is a sign of COVID.


Custom Genitals In The New Keanu Reeves Video Game Is Improving Gaming For The Better

It's a feature that seems like a no-brainer until you look back hardly 15 years.


Samantha From 'Sex And The City' Thirsting Over Mario Is What We Crave

Seriously though, Kim Cattrall really loves that Tanooki suit.


Olympic Esports Will Be A Teen Sex Comedy

Gaming is coming to the Olympic Games and with it will be chaos.


A Stealthy Viking Is So Crazy That It Just Might Make 'Assassin's Creed' Awesome Again

The trailer for the next 'Assassin's Creed' is out and it has us rethinking how Vikings could work.


An Open Letter To The Makers Of Madden

This is your last chance EA. You better make things right.


PETA (Accidentally) Found HARD MODE on 'Animal Crossing'

Playing as a vegan on an island full of talking animals makes too much sense, and yet, none at all.


'The Last Of Us 2' Leaks Reveal More Than Just Spoilers

It's complicated, but Naughty Dog might be getting what they deserve.


Elijah Wood And Why 'Animal Crossing' Needed A Role Model

No man was better situated to be the role model we all needed in Animal Crossing than Elijah Wood.


Kids In Japan Are Getting Free Super Nintendos. Step Up, America.

We're pretty jealous of Japan right now.


'Call of Duty''s Anti-Cheating System Will Lead To The 'Supercheater'

Charles Darwin would be very afraid to play 'COD' right about now.