'Gunfire Reborn' Is 'Destiny 2' With Animals

And it's coming to Xbox Game Pass.
'Gunfire Reborn' Is 'Destiny 2' With Animals

This past week I got a wonderful opportunity many dream of and few experience: I got paid to pound beers and play video games. One of those games was a shooter which has actually been out and crushing it in the Chinese market since 2021, it’s called Gunfire Reborn and it’s pretty addictive. It’s from Chinese developer Duoyi Games and is published by the gracious folks who fed me several excellent Pilsners and lunch from Mendocino Farms, 505 Games. Though the game has been out on Steam since 2021, it hasn’t really picked up traction with an American audience. On October 27th, it’s coming to PC and Xbox Game Pass.


These stone guys will mob ya real quick.

It’s a charming, fast paced rogue-lite shooter that’s fun to play solo and reportedly an absolute blast with buddies in co-op mode. The graphics are chunky and charming, there’s a cast of cute animal pals that you can unlock and level up as the game goes on. So where does Destiny 2 fit into all this? I didn’t pop that in there just to catch your attention, although if you’re reading this it must have worked. (If you didn’t click on this article and you’re reading this over someone’s shoulder, hi!) Gunfire Reborn doesn’t have the slick graphics or deep storytelling or vast world that Destiny 2 does. But it feels so familiar when you’re playing. The snappy fire, the pops of color, the easy, super fun movement that makes you feel like a Guardian is all there.

The smaller enemies in the game are very reminiscent of the Grunts from Halo. The simple maps are chonky, storybook looking levels that feel low-poly but fun nonetheless. When you find a loot chest it gives you a Hades vibe and choosing your characters specs at the beginning is very reminiscent of League of Legends. Of course, lots of games share similar elements to each other. But if you’ve got Game Pass, try this game out and see for yourself. It’s a Frankenstein of some of the best games around and if it’s free to download, what do you have to lose? 

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