'League of Legends' Rift Gala Is What The Met Gala Should Be

Did you catch the Gala? No, not the Met. The Rift
'League of Legends' Rift Gala Is What The Met Gala Should Be

The stars really brought their all this year at the Gala! The outfits were incredible, the poses were to die for, and the art was out of this world. Oh, sorry, what? Ew, no. Not the Met Gala; who cares about the Met Gala? A bunch of rich people parading around flaunting their million-dollar outfits? Pass. I'm talking about the Rift Gala.

The Rift Gala was a fan-organized League of Legends version of the Met Gala which invited artists to imagine their favorite characters in high fashion outfits that they designed. The theme this year was "Angels," and the fan artists absolutely delivered. Considering this whole thing was organized over Discord and done completely out of passion, we cannot believe how well it came together …


The headpiece is amazing, and the tails look great. As always, Ahri is looking foxy.


From the drip to the kicks, Akshan looks like he just walked off a music video shoot with Jack Harlow and Lil Nas X. Incredible style.


Listen, all the art is better than what I can do, but man, this art is incredible. From Tibbers' pose to Annie's smile, this piece is really something. And the dress perfectly captures Annie's childishness without being tasteless.


Love the pose, love the ribbons, love the colors. Great job, Azir.


The lighting and the hues in Bard's picture really put this one over the top. Excellent work and a very heavenly style!


I was impressed with how rarely the fanart moved into Rule 34 territory, but Evelynn's is definitely more risque. Still, a tip of the hat for making the permanently invisible character wear a see-through dress. That's theming.

Twisted Fate and Graves

You can hardly tell these two are outlaws! The detail on Graves' shirt blows me away, and I love Twisted Fates' little smile.


All of the outfits are stunning, but Irelia's really takes the cake. From the headpiece to the cut of the dress, this feels like something you'd actually see on the red carpet. And the art is impeccable; the gold reflects the light, the feathers feel light and airy. I ended up following the artist, @gwinshin, because of this.

Kog Maw

It's impressive enough just to get Kog Maw's slimy butt on a red carpet, but the look of joy and the flower crown put this in our top looks. Way to go, Mr. Maw ... Uh ... Ms. Maw? Your mawness.

Master Yi

Master… Master Yi? He looks so good without his insane mask on! Excellent art, making it the second-best piece of Yi art of all time.

Miss Fortune

Not only is this outfit classy, but I also applaud the artist for moving Miss Fortune away from the transparent hyper-sexualization that Riot leans into with her.


Cute! What an original style. I feel like this could be on Cartoon Network.

Zac and Orianna

What can I say? The pairs really get me! And Zac looks like they're having such a great time.

Xaya and Rakan

I hate to admit it, but this would be all over the tabloids in real life. Damn you, Rakan, and your charm.


UNBELIEVABLE! Soraka's outfit looks so real, I can practically feel the fabric. Her pose is perfect, her face is detailed and expressive. Incredible work, @Samandriade!

Tahm Kench

I mean, LOOK AT HIM! How many henchmen did it take to get Tahm into this outfit??


Vayne's outfit is great, but I'm here for the eye makeup.


Excellent art style, attention to detail, and a floaty and fae-feeling outfit rounds off our list.

Ugh, what a great event! And all for millions cheaper than the Met Gala. Overall an absolute 10/10 event. I can't wait for next year's.

Top Image: Riot Games

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