While it can be a dream for someone to become a successful actor or performer, it doesn't have to be a lifelong dream. Either due to no longer getting cast in other roles or just plain being sick of “the business,” several actors have moved on to other career paths and interests after their 15 minutes (or 15 years or more) of fame have clocked out. Several people change jobs multiple times throughout their lifetime, why not stars of television and film?

The Wonder Years' Winnie Cooper became a math genius. Malcolm in the Middle ended up in the middle of the olive oil industry. You won't believe what Barney the Dinosaur has been up to since the show ended. Let's just say that he takes “I love you, you love me” to a more NSFW level.

Here are a few factoids that tell you about what some well-known actors and performers have been up to since they've left the spotlight.

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