14 Wildest Things Hackers Found Inside Video Games

Even the most family-friendly games can hide the darkest secrets.
14 Wildest Things Hackers Found Inside Video Games

The people who make video games love sneaking all sorts of nasty stuff inside their creations in the form of easter eggs, which leads us to wonder what kinds of stuff they put in the parts of the games that the mere mortals don't have access to. Just kidding, we don't wonder that at all because a lot of intrepid hackers did that for us, and holy crap, it does get weird.

Pictures of a serial killer


Finding pictures of Jeffrey Dahmer inside an innocuous pinball game would be pretty disturbing by itself, but the image retrieved from CarnEvil is a special breed of creepy because Dahmer is either holding a bag containing the decapitated head of the game's director or maybe the guy is just tiny and is actually comfortably being carried inside a blood-soaked bag – how is that any less strange?!

Pictures of a real-life massacre (inside a Mario game)

Yuri Tutov, Nintendo

Even though the image itself doesn't depict any violent act per se, that's a photo of the Beslan massacre in which a bunch of armed terrorists shot up a Russian school and killed 334 people – many of them kids. Why is this in Mario GP, of all places? Well, the only explanation we got was that this was a picture used to test the game's portrait mode, probably to gauge the amount of poor taste that the game could handle.

Sonic's genocide city


Sonic The Hedgehog 2 was once going to feature a level called Cyber City. That level ended up getting scrapped, but hackers still found a way to, eh, play it. Interestingly, upon entering it they found out it was nothing more than an empty space where Sonic would always fall to his death. Even more interesting is how this level was now called “Genocide City Zone”.

Shiva's panties in Final Fantasy XV

Square Enix

Unlike most other games in the series, Final Fantasy XV doesn't feature Shiva as a friendly summon, but as a statue players can worship from a limited angle (not the one in the picture). Fans were so sad about this that they found ways to break the game's map and drive behind her to find a surprisingly very-well modeled butt and panties.

naked old lady ffxv

Square Enix

The Final Fantasy series has been out for a long while, so the people who weren't pleased by Shiva's underwear can instead take a look at this old lady's unnecessarily detailed nude body.

The creepiest off-limits area in World Of Warcraft

Activision Blizzard

Anyone complaining that World Of Warcraft is too cutesy should perhaps venture into the Karazhan Crypt, an off-limits dungeon that descends into a pool filled with dead bodies. This crypt was by far the creepiest thing ever conjured by Activision Blizzard up until we learned about the company's actual inner workings.

Spongebob porn


Uncensored SpongeBob porn drawings aren't something we wouldn't expect to find on a SpongeBob game, but that's totally ok because one can only access them via digging through the game's code.

And spongebob threatening to kill kids


We showed SpongeBob porn first so that we could more easily convince our readers that there's a cut message where something or someone in Bikini Bottom states their intention to kill us and our parents. At least it'll give us a nice hug first!

Secret boob physics the devs are ashamed of

Epic Games

Back in 2018, Fortnite introduced Calamity, a cowgirl whose only special attribute was jiggly boob physics. Upon getting questioned about this feature, the developers said that was an accident. A pretty hilarious lie, considering how physics requires coding work, and hackers totally found the code behind Calamity's physics.

Child Slaves inside Half Life 2


At some point during the development of Half-Life 2, the devs probably thought “ok, the game is pretty dark as is, better remove the child slaves working in the combine factories”. They did, but hackers were still able to dig them up as well as some of the assembly lines where they worked.

Fallout's most dangerous monster


When one tries to think about the most dangerous enemy in Fallout history, players will either think about a Deathclaw or about that time Preston Garvey glitched out and turned into a relentless murder machine. They'd be wrong, though. Hackers looked into the game's code to find the Geckozilla Gojira, a giant gecko with stats so high he's capable of easily destroying anything with a health bar in Fallout: New Vegas.

A dying woman's forbidden underwear

From Software

We all know that RPG players usually go to great lengths to get the best gear, but we didn't know they'd put the same level of effort into getting sexy-but-useless gear. Ok, that's a lie, and that's why Elden Ring director Hidetaka Miyazaki decided to make the entire wardrobe of Fia, a dying character, available except for her panties. Nice try, but players hacked the game and retrieved them nonetheless.

Cuphead features actual demonic imagery


Remember that time when religious fanatics began the rumor that Led Zeppelin songs hid satanic messages as if their songs weren't already cool enough? Well, Led Zeppelin never did any of that, but Cuphead has a secret song hidden deep in its code that's creepy enough by itself but gets even creepier when we run it through a spectrograph because it will spawn actual demonic imagery.

Final Fantasy VII's Bizarro Aerith

Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII is like 30 years old now, so we're just gonna guess our readers are ok with spoilers. Fans have always had trouble accepting the death of Aerith in Final Fantasy VII, so they took to believe in all sorts of myths that claimed she could totally be revived. She couldn't. The closest anyone ever got to that was the hackers who discovered the game's debug screen and found Aerith in it. Too bad it wasn't really Aerith but rather some sort of screeching demon that looks exactly like her.

Top Image: Square Enix

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