'Goldeneye 007' Is Coming Back, But Xbox Owners Got The Raw End Of The Deal.

'Goldeneye 007' Is Coming Back, But Xbox Owners Got The Raw End Of The Deal.

Goldeneye 007 was Halo: Combat Evolved before Halo even dreamed of evolving combat, the rare game (coincidentally developed by a company called Rare) that proved consoles could provide a riveting FPS campaign while featuring a multiplayer component so good it could ruin friendships -- yes, that's a good thing. We just learned that Goldeneye 007 is coming back to the Switch as well as to the Xbox, but the powers that be somehow managed to make that only semi-interesting.

We sure won't complain about better framerate and 4K support. The big problem here is that, unlike the Switch version, Microsoft's version won't feature online multiplayer, which means that this is like the third time Microsoft is messing it up or getting shafted when it comes to this game. This is especially sad because it's not as if they just didn't have the money or the skill necessary to create an online component -- it has existed since the early days of the Xbox live arcade system, but it's being barred now.

It's undeniable that Microsoft's acquisition of Rare in the early '00s caused the company to go from one of the top game studios in the world (i.e: any game they made when they worked for Nintendo, they're all incredible) to absolute crap, so the American giant sure deserves some mild sort of eternal punishment, but it's gamers everywhere who'll end up losing most out of this. Even though Goldeneye began in Nintendo and that's more than enough reason for the company to want the best version of the game to exist only on the Switch, that makes no sense because the company now belongs to Microsoft. Also, the truth of the matter is that the Xbox has a better online infrastructure, meaning that we're forever stuck with the inferior online experience.

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