Leak Reveals Big The Cat And His Fan-Favorite Minigame in 'Sonic Frontiers'

Leak Reveals Big The Cat And His Fan-Favorite Minigame in 'Sonic Frontiers'

The surviving fans of Sonic The Hedgehog's weird canon can rejoice as a leak just revealed that the upcoming Sonic Frontiers will feature the return of fan-favorite Knuckles voiced by Idris Elba Big The Cat. Ok, we're pretty sure a lot of the people reading this are already very hyped for the news of this return, but we know that the rest don't know much about the character, so we guess some explaining is in order.

Aware that its natural predator, Sony, was in hibernation, Sega used 1999 to showcase the power of the Dreamcast. Their first big bet was Sonic Adventure, a game that blew everyone away by achieving something somehow completely new for Sonic games: actually being fast. Sonic Adventure allowed players to go fast... most of the time. The new game was all about conquering and expanding, so it introduced a bunch of new characters, one of them being Big The Cat. That's the name given to a huge and naturally slow cat that we inexplicably get to play as in an actual campaign. What's special about Big The Cat is that even though the idea of playing as Sonic's slow pal sounds even worse than an escort mission on paper, people actually love his minigame story campaign.

And if just being slow isn't enough of a handicap, his campaign is all about fishing. Interestingly, it does a pretty good job of allowing players to relax before running off again and – perhaps just as importantly – allows for players to enjoy video game fishing without having to pay full price for a game that's 100% fishing and 0% fast hedgehogs.


Sorry, Seaman, somebody had to say it (Seaman is about fishing, right?).

Anyone who wants to take a look at Big in frontiers can check out the clip below (Begins at about 1:08).

Top Image: Sega

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