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5 Video Games About Sex

These are clearly produced by the very insane for the very lonely.


6 Early Access Games That Completely Screwed Customers

Early Access in gaming is just like the rest of the Internet: technology that started off as a great idea but is now full of dicks and scams.


5 Most Pathetic Moments In Every Gamer's Life

Yes, you are not the only one who has bought a game looking for some light diversion, only to end up getting sucked into unbearably sad experiences such as these.


What 23 Video Game Characters Do After You're Done Playing

The life of a video game character isn't all collecting gold coins, dying, and respawning, right?


5 Accidentally Horrifying Games For Little Girls

Hidden beneath their cutesy exteriors are realms of madness shaped by underpaid foreign programmers with crippling night terrors.


5 Classic Games That Desperately Need A Movie Adaptation

Dear film-creating deities, if you could pause from your cocaine-fueled genital parties for a few minutes, allow me to suggest a few things.


Sneaky References Developers Snuck Into Video Games

Games are magical -- just when you think you've found everything, something else pops up.


The 6 Perviest Achievements In Gaming History

Some games cross from 'hobby' into 'probably committing a sexual deviant crime.'


How We'll Really Use Virtual Reality

No doubt humanity will take this awesome innovation and completely ruin it.


The 6 Problems With Third Person Shooters (Just Got Solved)

With all of my years of shooting people's faces clean off, on every platform imaginable, I can tell you that not only is the Wii U's 'Splatoon' a great game ... it's a literal savior.


6 Annoying Gaming Gimmicks (You Didn't Know Were Super Old)

Many of the things we dislike most about modern video games have been skidmarks on the industry for longer than the 'Super Mario Bros.' movie.


5 Ways Gaming Changes When You Start Playing As An Adult

I know that I have to protect America. And by 'protect America,' I mean play BioShock eight years after it came out.


6 Awesome Gaming Related Careers You Didn't Know Existed

The general public is (finally) starting to realize there's money to be made in video games, and that it's not an annoying, nerdy little thing that will go away if you punch it enough.


6 Video Games That Accidentally Make You The Bad Guy

A good game will convince you that's really you galloping across meadows. Or, you know, just being a colossal dick for no reason.


5 Plot Holes That Shatter Your Image Of Famous Games

Sometimes, the more they try to make sense of a video game's story, the more it becomes a convoluted mess only a complete maniac could understand.