'Death Stranding 2' Leaked By Norman Reedus

'Death Stranding 2' Leaked By Norman Reedus

Kojima fans are once again whipped into a conspiracy filled frenzy! A follow up game to 2019’s best walking simulator is seemingly in the works. That’s right, Death Stranding is apparently getting a sequel. The first reported indication of the new game comes directly from it’s star, Norman Reedus. Here’s what we know and some educated guesses on what we can expect.

In an interview with online fancy boy’s publication Leo, Norman Reedus was asked by the interviewer about all the various irons he has in the fire. The actor who rose to international fame with his longtime role as Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead also has a novel in the works and will appear in a Walking Dead spin-off. Reedus casually mentioned that “we just started the second one” when asked about his work on Death Stranding. One little sentence has hyper fans hyperventilating. 

So, Reedus clearly confirms a follow up game to Death Stranding, unless there was some major confusion and mis-managed fact checking on part of the interviewer, which is unlikely. 

Kojima Productions

Thumbs up for a sequel!

When can we expect this new game?

Thousands of hours of motion capture and voice over recordings, thousands of hours of animation, hundreds of hours of writing, playtesting, etc… AAA games take a long time. If Death Stranding 2, or whatever it ends up being called, comes out before 2025 it would be a miracle and probably a pretty shoddy game. 

Will it be a direct sequel to Death Stranding?

(Spoiler alert here) The end of DS sees Sam, played by Norman Reedus, getting a peaceful and off-the-grid happily-ever-after raising a child of his own. Games like God of War, The Last of Us, and Red Dead Redemption all hinge around dad’s trying to make a better world for their kiddos, so it seems like a no-brainer to incorporate that into the plot. But this is Kojima we're talking about, so the plot could be much stranger than the mortal mind can comprehend.

When will we know more?

There is no timeline for release date or trailers, but there are a slew of big time game announcements scattered throughout the summer now that E3 has been officially canceled for the year. Whether or not Reedus was given the “ok” to announce the upcoming game, or just majorly violated an NDA is unclear. However, the studio supposedly developing the game, Kojima Productions, is expected to make an announcement soon. Let the hype begin.

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