A Pointless 'The Last Of Us' Remake Will Come Out This Year

Why remake a masterpiece?
A Pointless 'The Last Of Us' Remake Will Come Out This Year

The original The Last Of Us hit it so big back in 2013 that it ended up raking in 17 million game of the year awards and selling hundreds of units. Wait. Now that we think about it, it might have been the other way around, but there's no time for that because journalist Jeff Grubb has announced that a nearly complete remake of the original game is on the way. That's a pretty stunning piece of news for two reasons. The first is the fact that we don't expect such a big game to just come out without any fanfare, and the second one is the fact that this is all stupid because the original game doesn't need a remake at all – unless we're talking about more accessibility options and mechanics like the ones offered by TLOU2. If that is the case, we're totally getting behind this. Otherwise, even if we have grown too demanding for the shoddy framerate of the original PS3 release, we got a PS4 remaster that can still hold its own against most of the greatest games out there right now.

Last Of Us bad AI glitch

Naughty dog

Yes, despite the terrible AI.
Last of us weird body horror glitch

Naughty Dog, A+ Start

And despite whatever the hell this is.

In the past year, we've seen the release of Final Fantasy VII and Demon's Souls Remakes, and we'll soon see the remake of Dead Space. The already released remakes are awesome, sure, but outside of how much of a hassle it can be to play PS3 games nowadays, there's no good reason to remake classics – especially if they aren't even showing their age yet. Dead Space and The Last Of Us both come from the same generation, and they still look and play great. We suspect they're only getting remakes because cashing in on them seems like the only solution since both series have apparently been ruined by inferior sequels. But if that truly is the case, why not just remake Dead Space 3 and The Last Of Us 2 instead to get the ball rolling again on those series? Why are we remaking great games instead of games that could really use some tweaking? 

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