Why PS Plus Left PS3 Games To Die

Why PS Plus Left PS3 Games To Die

The Playstation 2 slapped so hard that it killed Microsoft's Xbox, Nintendo's Gamecube, and even Sega's will to ever return to console warfare. With over 150 million units sold worldwide, the masterminds at Sony knew they could pull the dumbest shit imaginable when it came to PS3 and still turn a profit, so that's what they did. The idiocy of the PS3's marketing team decisions only pales in comparison to that of the console's technical specs, something we're about to learn the hard way because they just caused Sony to abandon the possibility of making PS3 games playable on the PS5. As Sony has revealed with the announcement of the new PS Plus, the company will be facing off Microsoft's Game Pass by allowing players to pay for a subscription service that will allow them to play not only new games but also classics from all Playstation consoles – so long as they don't feature a 3 on their name.

Yeah, we have to put the blame on PS3's processor, “Cell”. That was a new and unproven piece of tech supposedly capable of making graphics never seen before, but there was a problem: it also featured a V6 microcombobulator that made it very hard to capacitate the graphical influx. Now, to be fair, most of that is technical gibberish that we've just made up – but it transmits the right idea. Not even the devs knew what the hell to do with the PS3's hardware. Check out the clip below where one of the devs behind indie hit Half-Life complains about the PS3 being a complete nightmare.

Some developers did end up creating awesome titles for the Playstation 3, but that came as a result of having spent way too long just learning the ropes. The PS3 produced incredible titles like Uncharted 1 and 2, The Last Of Us, the original Demon's Souls, the Resistance series, the good games in the Killzone series, as well as some games that are great in hindsight because they show the PS3's hilarious shortcomings.

Many PS3 games enjoyed remasters and even remakes, but many are still missing. Remember Metal Gear Solid 4? Yeah, that one has been pretty stuck on the PS3 for a while, and it doesn't look like it'll be making an escape in the near future.

MGS4 Ending cutscene where Snake and Big Boss meet


Solid Snake and Big Boss at the PS3's funeral when they learn that they too are about to be buried.

Top Image: Konami

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