Sony Totally Overhauls Playstation Plus, In A Counterattack To Xbox's Game Pass

And enters the streaming platform war.
Sony Totally Overhauls Playstation Plus, In A Counterattack To Xbox's Game Pass

Tired of getting to pick which games you get to play and want to pay for a cold and calculating company to do that for you instead? We have great news! Jokes aside (for now), Sony has just unveiled the new PS Plus, an overhaul of the existing service whose aim is to compete with Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass. There's a long battle ahead for sony, as the game pass is a service so immediately appealing that Microsoft knew they didn't even need to bother giving it an edgy name. The new PS Plus will have everything already present in the Playstation Now service, which will be absorbed by the new thing (as all the weak twins in a womb should be), but there's also a lot of new and interesting and/or scary stuff.


Returnal is one of the games we'll get to play from the get-go, and it slaps.

The new Playstation Plus will feature 3 different tiers: Essential, Extra, and Premium. The Essential tier features basically what current Plus subscribers have, and we can get it for $9,99 a month. The Extra tier's full name is the definitely well thought out “Plus Extra” tier, and it features everything from the Essential tier but adds a collection of over 400 current titles. This is the tier to go if you like the Game Pass (and want to destroy its creators). We can have it for just 5 more dollars at $14,99. 

The Premium tier is the one that deserves more attention. It includes everything previously stated plus with the addition of yet another library of 340 titles from the original PlayStation, PS2, and PSP. Moreover, and this is very important, Playstation is beefing up not just for the war against Game Pass, but also against streaming services in general. The Premium tier will also offer cloud streaming access that will allow you to play classic Playstation games on your PS5, as well as on your PC. We can tell this is the one Sony really wants to hit it big because it will make it available for just 3 more dollars than the previous tier at $17,99 a month.

The service will come out before the first half of 2022 is over, and it marks the beginning of another Internet war, that of games versus streaming platforms. Yeah, many would be surprised to learn that Netflix says Fortnite is bigger competition than HBO or Hulu, but they do –and they're right. Even if HBO comes up with something just as big as Game Of Thrones once was, there are only so many hours of entertainment one can get out of it, whereas an ongoing video game has a near-infinite lifespan. Playstation is one online hit away from dealing a huge blow to Netflix – and we're here for it.

What we're not here for, however, is the big downside of this service, one that ironically comes as a result of Sony's astounding success. Sony has announced that they probably won't release big first-party titles like the upcoming God Of War: Ragnarok on day one, because they just don't need to. Sony claims their titles just sell too well. Sony… is that a dare?!

Still from the upcoming god of war


The God Of War Ragnarok: tier will be available for $17,99 plus a one-time $80 fee

Top Image: Sony

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