The Most Unfair Ways To Die In 'Dark Souls', 'Bloodborne', 'Elden Ring', And More

Turns out these games are even harder than you thought
The Most Unfair Ways To Die In 'Dark Souls', 'Bloodborne', 'Elden Ring', And More

Most know the games from From Software, the company behind Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and now Elden Ring to be so challenging that a lot of people who see themselves as anything less than pro-gamer material will just steer clear. What most don't know is that on top of being difficult for less experienced players, these games are also filled with secret inescapable traps that will ruin even the best players out there.

Let's go back to Demon's Souls, the first game in the series and the one that had to teach players that they were going to die a lot. To that effect, it doesn't even wait for players to warm up to the game's peculiar control scheme before putting them up against the Vanguard Demon, an enemy that will barely take any damage and who'll kill players in one hit. First-timers are sure to die, but they'll get better throughout the game and some will come back for revenge.

Demon's Souls first boss, the vanguard demon

From Software

He doesn't look that scary anymore (because of his outdated design)

He'll still be resilient as heck, but avoiding his attacks will be easier. With patience, most will be able to kill the beast. As soon as the demon dies, players will be teleported to a mysterious room where instead of getting a medal they get punched to death by a Godzilla-sized god dragon.

Dragon God's Dragon Punch

From Software

 Yes, punched. By a dragon.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice doesn't even bother with a new cutscene. You're meant to lose to the first boss, so even if you end up beating him, you'll still see a cutscene where he cuts off your arm. That's a missed opportunity for an even higher difficulty setting where the best players wouldn't receive the prosthetic arm filled with all sorts of Batman-like gadgets that players get after that defeat.

The good news is that From Software is up to no good as usual with Elden Ring, a game that once again puts players up against a supposedly unbeatable boss. Once players see through that BS and kill his ass, they'll get to walk to a platform where they'll be treated to a gorgeous sight as well as sudden death.

falling to your (first of many) deaths

From Software

And that's not even the worse reward you get from being good in these series. At some point, players might come across a beggar. Few people play these games to embody an asshole, so many may end up telling this man to go to the chapel, one of the two places in this game where people will supposedly be safe from monsters.

the suspicious beggar

From Software

He's munching down on two people when we find him, so we gotta presume he's blind

Too bad that the beggar is the only monster who doesn't fear God and he will eat the other friendly NPCs one by one. An alternative would be sending the innocent NPCs to Iosefka's clinic, a place where instead of being murdered, they'll get tortured and turned into blue Jellyfish-like aliens. If your good skills won't do you in around these parts, rest assured that your good heart will.

Top Image: From Software


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