How 'Red Dead Redemption 2''s Deadliest Glitch Has Become A Good Ally

How 'Red Dead Redemption 2''s Deadliest Glitch Has Become A Good Ally

Rockstar games are so good that even their glitches are enjoyable – even when they're scary as heck. One of the best glitches at mixing the elements of fun and absolute terror is the bridge glitch. It's about this wonky bridge that behaves like John Carpenter's Christine, the car that kills people who treat it without the deserved care. Readers can point out that a bridge isn't a car, like, at all, but these readers are probably writing this in the current day, unaware that people in the wild west still had no idea what cars were going to be like. Maybe they tried to make a car and they ended up with a bridge – a deadly one. If we just attempt to cross the bridge, chances are that we'll make it across safely. If we shoot or stab the bridge, however, it'll go haywire and catapult players to their death.

the bridge after being prepared


The worst part about this deadly trap is that it looks perfectly safe.
the bridge catapulting players


But it turns out that this bridge can also become an uneasy ally. Players have begun to use this glitch to catapult themselves to Mexico, the one place that doesn't kill players upon landing. Coming from Mexico also ironically allows players to visit all other parts of the map before they're meant to without the game going haywire on players. And that's not even the only impromptu Wild West space program in RDR2, as the bridge faces harsh competition from this glitched-out waterwheel.

waterwheel catapulting players


Even though maybe the fact that this guy is clearly a wizard might have helped.

And while these work by themselves, they become even funnier when put in context. Rockstar historians will be quick to point out that glitches totally feel like the spiritual prequel to a legendary GTA IV glitch where a haunted swing would do the exact same thing to players.


They'll also say that the release date of GTA IV is closer to Wild West days than it is to modern times. Maybe.

Top Image: Rockstar

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