Post Malone Made TCGs Cool As The Heavily Tatted Face Of Magic: The Gathering

He's a fan-a of the mana.
Post Malone Made TCGs Cool As The Heavily Tatted Face Of Magic: The Gathering

Tabletop gaming is for nerds right? Only the most bullied, shoved-in-lockers, AV club dorks play Magic: The Gathering right? WRONG. How about a player who is, I don’t know, an actual rock star? That do anything for you Jack? Some pretty cool people love to pretend to be interdimensional wizards who sling spells and hop through the cosmos. And the coolest of them all is Post Malone. We can finally rejoice because with the rap/rock professionals ringing endorsement, us “big ol’ nerds” are now cool by proxy.

Trading Card Games or TCGs have long been looked down on by Chads and even other members of the gaming community. But that’s all over now thanks to Posty. Once Post Malone got into Magic: The Gathering he never looked back. He won over fans of the game by first appearing on the popular Commander format show Game Knights. Hosts (and very nice humans) Josh Lee Kwai and Jimmy Wong made Posty feel right at home. Even though fans of his music angrily commented that he should be in the recording studio not at the gaming table. He’s appeared on the show since then and we’ll hopefully be seeing him on Game Knights for years to come. 

The Command Zone

Post up and play.

He’s also appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers repping the game with a MTG print shirt. You can’t deny, he’s got great taste. To cement his legacy as the biggest ever celebrity to fall in love with the game, he teamed up with MTG publisher Wizards of the Coast to be the face of their weekly Friday Night Magic tournaments all year long. Could a custom Posty themed set be in the works? One can only hope.

Posty is a true fan. He’s been spotted at local game stores or LGS’ picking up single cards for his commander decks. He’s definitely willing to put his hard earned dollars into the game and it’s rumored that he spent over 500 thousand dollars on an alpha edition Black Lotus, one of the game’s most expensive cards.

Those of us that play MTG have always known that it’s the coolest game around, but thanks to this enterprising young musician, the world knows it too. Thank you Post Malone, for giving us a reason to believe in magic again. Thank you.


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